‘Toy Story’ Reveals New Logo For 20th Anniversary

Can anyone really believe that Toy Story is 20 years old this year? It is, and the franchise creators have revealed a new logo in celebration of that. It is a franchise that is not going away any time soon, with the fourth installment coming very soon.

Many likely did not expect the movie franchise to take off in the way that it did back in 1995. Toy Story was the first fully computer animated movie from Disney, and was a major gamble. Rather than have a typical Disney love story, it was about two characters designed to be enemies but who become best of friends as they realize their own strengths and weaknesses.

That friendship continued throughout the movies, giving children the best message ever; friends are for life. Each movie brought in someone new, whether it was a friend or enemy, and brought up new issues for children to deal with throughout.

One way Toy Story has survived, despite a large gap between movies two and three, is through progression. When Toy Story 3 hit movie theaters, it did not try to pick up where it left off. Instead, the human characters in the movies had grown up the same as the children who had first watched the franchise. It made the characters more believable, along with the development of the toys.

Smaller movies have been released since the third installment, with Toy Story of TERROR! coming to Blu-ray this year. With that, the release of the 20th anniversary logo has now been shared, with one of the little aliens from Pizza Planet sitting behind a large 20. While it has been released for the Japanese trailer of the short movie, it has not yet been confirmed whether this is the official Toy Story 20th anniversary logo, according to Stitch Kingdom.

There are a lot of questions over the fourth movie in the series, with many wondering whether the writers are “jumping the shark.” According to recent reports, the movie is going to take a romantic twist to tell the love stories between Woody and Bo Peep and Buzz and Jesse. The most important piece of information comes from the Franchise Herald, which confirms that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will reprise their roles as the two main toy characters, Woody and Buzz. Fans are still waiting to hear about whether other actors and actresses will reprise their roles. Toy Story 4 is expected to be released during the summer of 2017, missing out on the 20th anniversary celebrations.

[Photo by Handout/Getty Images]