Get The Computer Ready For ‘Doctor Who’ Season Nine Challenge

Season nine of Doctor Who is coming to screens this year. Every year it is exciting for the fans, but this year even more so as a computer challenge is going to be set. Fans are urged to get ready to join in with the fun and games.

This is more than just having some fun playing a pre-made computer game. Doctor Who fans will get the chance to design their own game, according to reports from Make It Digital wants those with more IT experience to watch the new upcoming season and then create a game based around it. The characters used will be up to the creator, but will likely need to have core characters like The Doctor, Clara and possibly Missy.

At the moment, the details are unclear. Steven Moffat is fully on board with the idea, and may have the challenge in mind while writing his scripts. Alan Yentob, the creative director for the BBC, also seems to be on board with the idea.

It is certainly a different idea for Doctor Who fans, many of which will be highly IT-literate and creative. More details will follow later in the year, as season nine gets closer.

This is not the first time that a game for Doctor Who has been released. Fans were treated to The Doctor and the Dalek last October as a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary. It was available through Google searches, and was a very simple game where players got The Doctor away from the Daleks. It quickly became a popular option for fans.

The new initiative comes as the new version of the show reaches its 10th anniversary. This upcoming event has led to many searching for their best episodes since 2005, with Blink being the second most popular, according to Metro. This episode brought in the Weeping Angels for the first time, and was one of the first episodes to hardly feature The Doctor. The Weeping Angels are still one of the creepiest monsters on the show, considering they do not kill but send people back in time. Despite being “Doctor lite”, the episode is a popular one for older and newer fans, and a great starting point for those who do not want to worry about overall storylines.

The show’s 10th anniversary will be celebrated later this year. An announcement about the Doctor Who season nine computer challenge will likely be made around the same time to coincide with the celebrations.

[Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images]