November 6, 2016
Katy Perry Joins #ClothingHasNoGender In Support Of Male Student Who Violated School Dress Code By Wearing Corset, Shawl, And Lace On His Birthday [Video]

A week and a half ago, Morgan Ball, 17, wore an outfit to school to express himself on his birthday. Unfortunately, school administrators told him to change, saying that his outfit was too distracting to other students and sent him home when he didn't change, according to KCTV Channel 5 News. A link to the video showing Morgan's outfit can be found here, courtesy of KMBC-TV Channel 9.

This wouldn't be news except that he is part of the LGBTQ community, and other students and people worldwide were in support of him when the story went viral on Twitter with the hashtag #clothinghasnogender. "Freedom of expression and you can have a safe place to do it in the learning environment," Morgan described as the hashtag's meaning, according to Fox Channel 4 Kansas City. Even superstar Katy Perry showed her support.

On that fateful birthday, Morgan wore a corset, shawl, lace gloves, and a belt to Missouri's Lee's Summit North High School. The hashtag #clothinghasnogender has been trending all over the world after the controversy of Ball's outfit became known.

Many of his classmates are in support of the right to express one's self and Morgan wearing what he sported that day, some seeing it as a bigger lesson in the classroom of life of tolerance and freedom of expression. According to KCTV Channel 5 News, a junior at the school named Val Obiesie stated the following.

"How society generates gender roles for us and we talked a lot about what's going on. It fit perfectly for what's going on."
Katy Perry, who probably found out about brouhaha because of the hashtag, even personally tweeted Morgan Ball, who was in shock, but with a wide smile on his face.
"Katy Perry tweeted me and I think I froze for about 10 minutes. She said she would be there in spirit with me on Monday and that she wants to borrow the shawl."
Other friends and those in support of Morgan even wore shirts with the hashtag #clothinghasnogender when he went back to school. The phrase was printed on shirts and sold to more than 200 people. According to KMBC-TV Channel 9, Ball stated the following.
"I've just been thrilled with the support. I wouldn't be where I am right now without everyone else. Katy Perry is my inspiration, but I wouldn't be here without my friends and family. They're the most important people I could ask for."
Morgan Ball said he hopes the incident teaches others to be more considerate of the LGBTQ community.

On another front, a college student was thrown off a plane because of a tee shirt with a saying that the airline found to be offensive. Daniel Podolsky was wearing a t-shirt that had "Broad F****** City" in bold letters on the front, which he had purchased at the popular South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. He refused to change or cover the shirt or turn it inside out, indicating that doing so infringed on his right to free speech, according the Inquisitr. Podolsky was escorted away by security.

What do you think about people being able to express themselves by what they wear? Do you think that the age of a person makes a difference? Or does the setting in which they wear it matter?

[Photo Courtesy KCTV, Channel 5, Kansas City]