Kate Gosselin Accused Of Manipulating Daughters Into Spying On Ex-Husband

Reality show personality Kate Gosselin was alleged to have ordered her eldest twin daughters to spy on ex-husband Jon Gosselin during previous custody visits.

A new investigation on Kate was made in February of this year when Berks County Children and Youth Services was looking into reports that Kate was physically and psychologically abusive towards 10-year-old son Collin. The investigation led to the reevaluation of old allegations hence the heat on the mother of eight.

In civil court papers filed October 2010 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, Jon stated that Kate purchased cell phones for their twin daughters Mady and Cara, who were still 10 years old at that time. According to Jon, the purpose of the phones were to keep Kate updated about his activities while the twins were staying with him.

In the documents, Jon’s attorney stated:

“Father has told Mother that he does not want the girls bringing their cellphones with them during his custodial time as the girls are constantly texting Mother to ‘report’ on what Father is doing.”

Moreover, the legal counsel added:

“Father has a phone that the children can use if they want to speak to Mother so it is not necessary for the girls to bring their own phones with them.”

Kate, on the other hand, was quick to refute such allegations on social media. She took on Twitter to defend herself saying: “Why spiteful court document allegations that were scoffed at/dismissed five years ago are news today is beyond me.” She concluded her post with a hashtag “#Some1DiggingDeep4APayDay.

This is not the first time that the 39-year-old star has been caught sneakily surveying Jon’s activities. In a Radar Online revelation last year, Kate was also caught ordering her babysitters to spy on the children’s phone conversations with their father. In fact, it was even written in her nanny rulebook.

On the rulebook, Kate wrote:

“Always listen with one ear to hear what they are saying. You are always my eyes and ears and need to report everything you see and hear!”

However, a source tried to justify her actions later on Radar explicating that Kate only ordered the caretakers to keep an eye on Jon to make sure that the family’s secrets will not be revealed to the media.

The court documents also accused Kate of physically abusing their children by hitting or spanking them as punishment.

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