Darren Sharper Drugged And Raped Women, Nine Years Not Enough, Says New Orleans Saints’ Scott Fujita

Although retired NFL player Darren Sharper has pled guilty to drugging and raping multiple women, his former teammate, Scott Fujita of the New Orleans Saints, says nine years in prison is not enough for Sharper’s crimes.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Darren Sharper pled guilty to sexual assault on Monday afternoon in an Arizona courtroom and was immediately sentenced to nine years in federal prison. The judge in Arizona decided that immediate sentencing was appropriate for Sharper. Sharper has also reached plea agreements with all of the prosecutors in cases that span multiple states. Louisiana charged him with drug charges in addition to aggravated rape, which could have potentially led to a future sentencing of life in prison.

Despite being teammates in the past, Scott Fujita feels that a harsher sentence for Darren Sharper is necessary.

“He was a great teammate, a great player,” Fujita told TMZ. “But all that aside, it’s disgusting and beyond repulsive.”

Even though Darren Sharper’s rape charges spanned across four states and a federal court, the plea deal agreement shortens the prison time down to only nine years.

“Look, I’m a dad of 3 daughters,” Fujita explained. “If he ends up only serving 9 years, it’s an absolute shame. It’s way too short.”

Sharper retired from the NFL in 2011 and worked as an analyst for the NFL Network. All of the alleged sexual assaults occurred after Sharper had stopped his NFL career. It’s claimed that he had a prescription for a sedative called zolpidem, and he allegedly used the controlled substance to drug and rape women.

According to the Associated Press, the multiple rape victims say they were unable to resist his advances.

“[O]ne of the victims says she suffered emotional harm as a result of the attack and that she didn’t have the ability to resist…. One of the women told police she had not had any alcohol that night until Sharper insisted she drink a shot. Another young woman said she had been drugged, then went to bed, locked her door and was not attacked. The next day, one of the women confronted Sharper, who denied wrongdoing, according to police reports.”

Do you think nine years of prison time is enough for Darren Sharper?

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