Severely Abused Cat Named 'Bruce Almighty' Story Goes Viral -- GoFundMe Account Raised To Save Him

A black-and-white cat with a black mask staggered onto a homeowner's yard in the northwest of Regina, Saskatchewan, on March 18. The poor kitty had been severely abused: someone had tightly wrapped electrical tape around his legs, cutting off circulation and leading to tissue damage, according to CBC News.

The homeowners alerted authorities and, according to a GoFundMe post which raised over $14,000 and counting, the cat was found in the nick of time, using at least one of his nine lives. Any money raised above that needed for Bruce will be put towards other needy animals. To donate to the GoFundMe account, click on this link.

"The cat, who had no identification, collapsed into the arms of officers late Wednesday evening and purred as they began the delicate process of removing the bands which had destroyed his limbs."
Regina Humane Society veterinarians went to work to save his life. Despite hours of emergency surgery hoping to save the cat's legs -- especially the front left leg that was especially damaged -- it's not clear whether the leg will later have to be amputated. The vets removed eight necrotic toes, even though they were, for the time being, able to save his legs. The Humane Society stated the following, according to the CBC News.
"While the Society is hopeful that enough healthy tissue remains to keep his legs and the infection can be treated, his status remains very guarded."
Bruce was named after his rescuers observed his "fierce determination and will to live," according to Mashable.

Lisa Koch, the executive director of the Humane Society, has been amazed at the outpouring and donations to help this poor cat, indicating that they've gotten many calls from people wanting to adopt the cat. If he recovers, she hopes that he can be adopted into a loving family. She even said that, despite his obvious pain, he purred when freed from the tape that bound him. According to Yahoo! News, Koch said the following.

"It's really overwhelming, both the amount of money that's been raised to help Bruce Almighty as well as the other animals that arrive at the humane society in need, but also the well wishes from people all over the world who are really rallying around this cat. He had really had struggled to survive until they found him and, literally, he did collapse in their arms when they picked him up."
The Regina Humane Society urges anyone who recognizes the cat or knows anything about the case to contact Regina Humane Society's Animal Protection Services. Hopefully, the sadistic individual or individuals who did this will be caught.

What do you think should happen to someone who abuses animals?

On a brighter note, 57 Korean dogs were saved from the meat trade, according to the Inquisitr. They were bred solely for consumption and kept in deplorable conditions and never knew kindness or love. The San Francisco SPCA, in conjunction with the Humane Society International and Change for Animals Foundation, managed their rescue. After they receive any needed medical treatment and rehabilitation, they will be adopted out to caring homes.

[Photo Courtesy Regina Humane Society]