‘Singularity’ Sequel From Raven Software Teased

A tweet sent out today from Raven Software is a both a celebration of the studio’s birthday and a tease of the return to their last original IP, Singularity.

The tweet itself contained two hashtags of note. The first being “Katorga12,” which is the name of the Russian island that served as the setting for Singularity. The second is a fairly obvious call out to the studio’s 25th Anniversary.

Singularity was the last game Raven Software developed as an original property before being put on DLC duty for the Call of Duty franchise, as the Inquisitr has covered. The studio handled DLC and UI for Black Ops and graduated to multiplayer development and single-player elements as well as DLC for Modern Warfare 3 alongside Sledgehammer games, who were called in to help get MW3 ready in time for launch. They lent their talents for Ghosts and Advanced Warfare and may have been rewarded with a loosening of the leash. The tweet shows that Raven may be ready to return to a game that did not sell particularly well, but garnered a goodwill amongst reviewers and gamers alike, most notably Tom Bramwell of Eurogamer.

Singularity itself was a call out to a simpler time for the first-person shooter. A massive electromagnetic surge from the Katorga 12 island damages a US satellite which prompts a recon mission on the island. Playing as Captain Nathaniel Renko, you go to the island, and as a result of another surge, begin to phase between the past and present day.

Zombies, mutants, angry soldiers, and an ever-increasing arsenal of awesomeness was the formula, and it did it quite well. The Time Manipulation Device that allowed the player to jump between the present day and 1955 lead to time paradoxes, puzzles, and all the trappings of a first-person shooter steeped in sci-fi military dealings.

Raven Software cut its teeth on the Amiga with Black Crypt but rose to prominence on the Mac/PC game Heretic in 1994. The title ran on a modified version of the Doom engine from id software, who also published the game and was one of the first FPS titles to feature inventory management as well as vertical look. The company was purchased by publisher Activision in 1997 and went on to release the well received Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force and the modern reboot of Wolfenstein and finally Singularity.

[Image Source | Raven Software]