Regis Hoda Kiss: Regis Philbin, Hoda Kotb Kiss During Kathie Lee’s Twizzler Challenge

Regis Philbin and Hoda Kotb shared a little kiss while participating in the Twizzler Challenge on Today. According to E! News, Kathie Lee Gifford’s former co-host, and her current co-host participated in the challenge in an effort to raise money and awareness for autism — which is quickly becoming a “thing” among celebrities, and will likely catch on, not unlike last summer’s “ice bucket challenge,” which raised money and awareness for ALS.

Anyway, Regis and Hoda’s lip-lock went viral on social media, and it is totally worth the watch — even if it is a little uncomfortable.

“Let me look at your lips. She could swallow me. Honest to God, something’s going to happen here. I’ve never seen lips like that,” Regis said before going in for the kill, er, kiss. After planting a huge smooch on Hoda, Regis jokingly asked if she had a boyfriend (she does, she is dating Joel Schiffman, an investment banker from New York).

“That was pretty good. You’re all right. You got a boyfriend?” Regis jokingly asked.

Regis and Hoda’s kiss was a dare (of sorts) from Gifford. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gifford completed the challenge with Matt Lauer last week. Their kiss also made waves on the internet, but wasn’t nearly as “popular” as the one shared between Regis and Hoda.

The Twizzler Challenge was actually started by Willie Geist (who completed the challenge with Meredith Vieira on The Today Show). Basically, two people each bite a separate end of a Twizzler candy, and eat it together (like a piece of spaghetti a la Disney’s Lady And The Tramp), all the way to the middle. When they meet, there is usually a kiss involved — sometimes it’s awkward, and sometimes it’s not.

The challenge has now been passed on thanks to Hoda Kotb. She decided to nominate her celeb crush Blake Shelton, and his co-star on The Voice, Adam Levine. No word on whether or not the guys plan to accept.

According to Mail Online, a lot of celebs have been having fun with the challenge, and many have donated money to autism programs after eating a Twizzler. A little bit of awkward kissing really is going a long way here, and since it’s for a good cause, it’s totally worth it.

[Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images]