Lana Del Rey Needs March Madness Bracket Votes: Versus Bea Miller, Beats Wiz Khalifa

Are you tiring of Lana Del Rey news that talks about her love life, but not her sporty side? Lana Del Rey is at the height of March Madness and is a major part of a bracket contest — just like most sports fans. Interestingly, this bracket features Lana Del Rey, but it has nothing to do with sports — but she needs your votes to reach the next round.

Are you curious about what all of this is about? Over the past week, Lana Del Rey and other musicians have been competing to be number one — and Lana has already beat Wiz Khalifa at this game.

Starting in 2010, musicians like Lana Del Rey have been forced into competition through MTV’s Musical March Madness. Known by the hashtag #MMM, Lana Del Rey was entered into the running on March 16. In the first round with 32 other musicians, Lana Del Rey beat out Wiz Khalifa by an overwhelming 82.1-percent to Wiz’s 17.9-percent. Ouch!

Next up, Lana Del Rey is against Bea Miller. Less than 8 hours before the voting closes at 12:00 p.m. (EST) on Tuesday, March 24 — Lana was in the lead. At 2 a.m. EST, Bea Miller had less than 38-percent of the vote and Lana Del Rey was at 61-percent. If Lana Del Rey makes it to the next round, she will be voted against Fall Out Boy or Echosmith.

So far, the MTV Musical March Madness bracket has had some interesting results. MTV posted about this year’s contest saying, “But saying goodbye to One Direction wasn’t the only shocking surprise…. Ed Sheeran, who nudged out singer Tove Lo in the last few minutes, got 50.8-percent of the votes.”

Uh-oh, that means that Lana Del Rey could be edged out at the last minute due to a close tie.

How long do you have to vote for Lana Del Rey? According to the MTV rules page for the contest, the voting on the Musical March Madness bracket will end on April 3. Regardless, this can be a bit misleading since you will have several chances to vote for Lana Del Rey between March 16 and April 3. After the final votes are cast on April 3, if Lana Del Rey is the winner, she will be announced as the Queen of Rock shortly after.

Lana Del Rey is currently in the second round of Musical March Madness and that round ends at noon on March 24. Subsequent voting rounds that Lana Del Rey might be a part of end at noon on March 27, March 31, and April 3. The bracket where you can vote for Lana Del Rey and other top rockers is found here.



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