Extreme Weather Affected Four in Five Americans in Recent Years, Report Finds

In recent years, extreme weather has become both a topic of discussion as well as a major concern- and it seems the likelihood of tornadoes, floods and other catastrophic weather events (birds falling dead from the sky, anyone?) is ever increasing.

If you think that you’re seeing more instances of extreme weather, however, it may not just be you. A new report released today from an environmental advocacy group indicates that 80% of Americans have experienced at least one “extreme weather” incident in the past six years, and in 2011 alone, there were at least 14 incidents of extreme or catastrophic weather causing more than one billion dollars in damage. Flooding, hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes were included in the counts.

While Environment America used data from FEMA to measure the number of extreme weather incidents in given years, other events like earthquakes and volcanic activity were not counted in the report. Not surprisingly, Environment America pegs climate change as a major contributor to deadly and expensive bursts of extreme weather, and urges Americans to push for greenhouse gas reforms to mitigate future risks.

Nathan Willcox of Environment America had this to say in a press release:

“Millions of Americans have lived through extreme weather causing extremely big problems for our economy and our public safety,” said Nathan Willcox, Environment America’s federal global warming program director. “Given that global warming will likely fuel even more extreme weather, we need to cut dangerous carbon pollution now.”

It is interesting that the group favors the term “global warming,” which is less favored by those in the scientific community- “climate change” is the moniker considered to be more accurate. Are you concerned that climate change is spurring on extreme weather?