Angelique Boyer Dead: Hoax Claims Telenovela Actress Killed In Car Crash

Angelique Boyer is not dead, but the telenovela star was the victim of a death hoax this weekend.

The report came from a website designed to look like a popular news site, claiming that the 26-year-old actress was killed in a car accident. The report claimed that Angelique Boyer was killed when her car was struck by a pickup truck while driving in Mexico City.

The report went on to claim that Boyer and boyfriend Sabatian Rulli were taken to a hospital, where she died.

The Angelique Boyer death hoax fooled many people, with the story re-tweeted many times and others leaving messages of condolences for the French-born Mexican actress.

The reports became so widespread that Boyer ended up responding, writing on Twitter, “Thank God we are fine. I send you kisses, I love you all.”

Rulli wasn’t so nice about it. He blasted the the news outlets that pushed the false story.

“It’s unfortunate that the media report on false information based on pirated websites. It’s in very bad taste and unprofessional,” he said. “They play with the lives and careers of anybody without thinking of the consequences.”

The death hoax came as Boyer was making other news. The actress recently announced that she was done with nude photo shoots after famously stripping down for the magazine H Para Hombres, earlier in her career. As the Master Herald noted, those days are behind her:

“Recently however, she gave an interview in which she stated that she doesn’t plan on repeating that photo shoot in the future, and she’s focused on her main career right now. According to her, posing nude was just a fun experience for her, something she needed to get out of her system, and now that she was done with it, she had no real interest in repeating it, and didn’t see an appeal anymore.”

Boyer has also opened up about her career ambitions, saying she would love to star as Anastasia Steele in the Mexican cinema version of Fifty Shades Of Grey, but worried that she wouldn’t be picked for the role.

“I would love to, but unfortunately, there’s a rule that if you work on television the people will not go see you at the movies,” she said.

The report that Angelique Boyer is dead joins a number of other celebrity death hoaxes, including Macaulay Culkin, Will Smith, and Morgan Freeman.

[Image via Latin Times]