Grandma Gets Heartwarming Surprise: Granddaughter Wears Her 57-Year-Old Dress To Prom, Footage Goes Viral [Video]

The simplest of gestures tend to have the biggest impact on people. In most cases, things that would normally go unnoticed, tend to capture hearts around the world with the help of the internet. Now, one teenage girl’s heartwarming gesture toward her grandmother has gone viral!

Although the video was uploaded to YouTube in 2012, it has begun circulating yet again since prom season is now underway. The one-minute video shows a grandmother waiting to see her granddaughter off to prom. However, she get’s the surprise of a lifetime when she sees what her granddaughter is wearing!

While most teenage girls probably spend lots of time searching for the perfect prom dress based on trending styles, this girl decided that she already had the perfect dress – her grandmother’s 57-year-old prom dress. So, she opted to wear the cream-colored heirloom that holds sentimental value. Of course, the heartwarming gesture left her grandmother in tears.

Footage of the video was reportedly uploaded by the teenage girl’s aunt. She also included a description detailing the heartwarming moment.

“Our niece was given this dress when she was a little girl for ‘dress up’ but they decided to keep it nice in the closet. She decided to wear it for her high school graduation night. It was her grandma Dottie’s prom dress from 57 years earlier and Grandma had no idea that she still had it, and was going to wear it for grad night. Needless to say there were lots of tears from everyone!”

The video now has more than two million views, as it continues to circulate via social media. It has also received an overwhelming number of comments from viewers who have commended the granddaughter for paying homage to her grandmother.

[Image via YouTube]