Chris Soules And Whitney Bischoff Send Message After Hurtful And False Rumors

Bachelor star Chris Soules may have known that his personal life would be investigated inside and out by the tabloids after being chosen to be The Bachelor last year. Even though this farmer from Iowa is as innocent as they come, Soules is being completely torn apart by the false rumor mill, and his poor fiancee Whitney Bischoff is often the center of controversy.

Even though Chris Soules and Whitney may be having fun and relaxing on the weekends together, Chris is spending the majority of his time in the dance studio with his Dancing with the Stars partner Witney Carson. And even though Bischoff doesn’t seem like the jealous type, there are plenty of stories saying that Chris Soules is trying hard to balance his time wisely.

According to a new Instagram post, Bachelor star Chris Soules is now sending out a message with the help of his future wife, Bischoff. And this message is clear as it is written on a photograph across the front of Whitney’s t-shirt.

“Cozy Sunday’s with Chris Soules. My (heart) is full,” Whitney Bischoff revealed on her Instagram page this weekend with a clear message to her followers, “Positive vibes only.”

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It sounds like Bischoff is tired of the drama and the false stories surrounding her and Chris. In addition to her being accused of being jealous, the tabloids also claim that the engagement is fake, and they are only together so Soules can compete on Dancing with the Stars. In addition, there are rumors that she and Soules have already split, but they want to stay in the limelight. The more outrageous rumors include Whitney already expecting her first child with Chris.

If Bischoff was currently pregnant with her first child, it is possible that she wouldn’t want that story out to take away from Chris Soules’ current gig on Dancing with the Stars. Even though both Soules and Bischoff have said that they want a family and children, they may want to get to know one another when the cameras are not around. This was some sound advice that came from Sean Lowe, who has been through the same thing as Chris Soules.

According to the Inquisitr, sources have come forward saying that Chris and Whitney are far from having troubles. Apparently, they are doing just fine. And based on Whitney’s shirt, Chris and his future wife want nothing but positive vibes coming their way.

What do you think of Chris Soules and Whitney’s message?

[Image via Instagram]