President Obama Does Not Support Paying College Athletes

President Obama has made a statement, which may upset fans across the United States. It has been known for a long time that college athletes such as those in the NCAA do not receive any payment for their efforts.

Barack Obama says that’s how it should stay.

It was recently brought to light on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver that the athletes who compete in college sports are practically juggling their finances and time on a regular basis. They barely have money for food and other necessities on top of their basic needs, and they are told that if they can’t maintain a decent grade point average, they will lose their scholarship.

The same show even pointed out how an extremely small percentage of these athletes ever go on to play for professional teams. At the same time, NCAA coaches and staff are allegedly raking in more money than they can figure out how to spend.

President Obama does agree that it’s unfair how players can get kicked out for using a free car or getting a tattoo, while the rest of college athletics is rich, according to ESPN.

However, Obama also says that if college athletes received compensation, it would “ruin the sense of college sports.” His reasoning was revealed with a short explanation.

“[Compensation would] create a situation where there are bidding wars. How much does a Anthony Davis get paid as opposed to somebody else?”


Anthony Davis was the power forward who played for Kentucky for one year before moving on to the NBA.

The President isn’t entirely detached from the subject, as the statement was made shortly after cheering on his niece’s Princeton team, which is still undefeated. Sadly his niece Leslie Robinson, daughter of Michelle Obama‘s brother, wasn’t in the game.

While President Obama does agree that college athletes aren’t treated well, he still opposes paying them. What do you think of his decision?

[Picture by Drew Angerer / Getty Images]