Parents Pull Daughter From School After Learning A Transgender Boy Is Allowed To Use Girls’ Bathroom

Pauline Adams and Jacob Smith recently decided to pull their daughter from school after learning a transgender boy is being allowed to use the girls bathroom at the Idaho middle school. According to Raw Story, 13-year-old D.W. Trantham was born a male. However, he now identifies as a female.

It has been reported that Trantham was initially limited to using the nurse’s bathroom, but after repeatedly voicing his concerns to the school district, transgender students are now allowed to use the bathroom of their choice. The administrative decision has sparked outrage, and the girl’s parents are adamantly refusing to allow her to return to school unless changes are made.

D. W. Trantham (Screen capture)

The girl’s parents recently voiced their concerns and frustrations over the administration’s controversial decision. Her father cited the main reason they opted to remove their daughter from school, while her mother expressed concerns about other decisions that could be made based off this controversial directive. While both parents agree Trantham may identify as a girl, they still have many concerns.

“We would not allow our child to share a restroom with someone of the opposite sex simultaneously at home, so why would we be OK with it at school?” Smith told KBOI-2.

“When does it go to the locker rooms?” Adams said. “Are you going to be OK with this? Are we going to allow our school district to make these decisions without asking (or) informing us? It’s not OK.”

“I’ve heard a lot of that same response but this isn’t just setting a rule for this one kid,” Smith said. “This is also allowing, if a female chose to go to school who thought she should be a boy. This is also allowing her to choose to use the men’s room. There is not as much privacy in the men’s room.”

Trantham is also speaking out with his sentiments of the parents’ decision to pull their daughter out of the school. During a brief, local news interview, he expressed devastation over the parents’ decision insisting they made the decision due to “lack of understanding.”


“It was really devastating to think that parents were so scared of me and that their lack of understanding led them to take their child out of school,” Trantham said. “I have the right, as a 13-year-old girl, to use the bathroom just like anyone else,” she said. “Coming from a person who was sexually assaulted in bathrooms for being trans, I care about bathroom safety. I’m not there to hurt anyone, and what’s between my legs is not a symbol of who I am.”

The controversial incident has sparked quite a debate online. Many readers have actually agreed with the parents, expressing concerns about the administrative decision. However, there are others who feel Trantham should simply be accepted since he not harming anyone.

“Smith and Adams made the right choice for their daughter, now enroll her in a good private school that doesn’t go for that sort of social engineering BS.”

“I don’t understand why some people have such a problem with this. We all have to use the restroom and trans people deserve to be just as safe and comfortable doing so as anyone else.”

“Her daughter is not the one in danger. The transgender girl already has a hard enough time in high school as a teenager. Now add on the bullying from other students. Now add on the bigotry from parents who cannot teach their kids not to bully, love, and accept.”

Do you think transgender students should be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice? Share your thoughts.

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