Florida Cops Fired: Fort Lauderdale Police Accused Of Sharing Racist Texts And KKK Video

Florida cops in Fort Lauderdale are in hot water over allegedly racist texts and a KKK video. The Department of Justice (DOJ) Civil Rights Division has launched an investigation into the “racist behavior” of four Fort Lauderdale police officers.

Three of the Florida police officers were fired on Friday, one resigned before termination proceedings could take place. The Fort Lauderdale cops under investigation for alleged Civil Rights violations and racist behavior include Jason Holding, James Wells, Alex Alvarez, and Christopher Sousa. Alvarez resigned from the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

The Florida cops were reportedly caught sharing “racist and homophobic” text messages. According to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, Alex Alvarez created a video, where black people were allegedly depicted as being “savages” and offered a portrayal of President Barack Obama with gold teeth. The video all also uses the “N-word” to refer to the president, according to Florida police officials.

The racist video and text messages allegedly created and shared by Jason Holding, James Wells, Alex Alvarez, and Christopher Sousa, were given to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department by Alvarez’s former fiance. The unidentified woman gave the material to Florida law enforcement officials in October. She had reportedly been employed by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department for two years and resigned shortly after sharing the details about the allegedly racist behavior of Alex Alvarez and his friends.

Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley said that federal law enforcement agents contacted him about the Civil Rights violations investigation on Friday. The DOJ will reportedly be focusing their investigation into whether the allegedly racist views of the Florida cops impacted how they chose to go about their duties as police officers. During the investigation, the FBI may be reviewing hundreds of past arrests and public interactions which involving Jason Holding, James Wells, Alex Alvarez, and Christopher Sousa.

Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley also had something to say about the allegedly racist actions of four of his officers.

“We’ll be meeting this week with the FBI Civil Rights Division and I’m pretty sure they are very interested in what [the officers’] activity has been since they’ve been on our department. That’s something the FBI will come back later after they make their evaluations and tell us. We welcome the FBI to come in.”

What do you think about the racism allegations levied against the Fort Lauderdale, Florida police officers?

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