Lisa Vanderpump Uses Twitter To Spread Important Message: ‘The World Can Be A Scary Place’

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump has never hid the fact that she is a big supporter of the LGBT community. Lisa opened up PUMP with the gay community in mind, and planned on officiating weddings in the beautiful garden that has become the staple of the gay bar. But it isn’t everyone who is supportive of Lisa’s decision to open this gay bar.

Even though Lisa Vanderpump has done quite a bit for the gay community, some people are not exactly supportive of her ventures. Vanderpump has now revealed that she hasn’t been getting support for her involvement, but she does take the time to talk to people who have a link to the LGBT community.

According to a new tweet, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump is now talking to her followers on Twitter about sensitive issues surrounding the gay and lesbian community. Since Vanderpump is so outspoken and supportive of the community, her followers feel comfortable sharing their stories with the Bravo star. Now, Lisa is dishing her thoughts, sharing that she knows the world can be a scary place based on how people treat gays and lesbians.

“I was lucky to be raised in a house without prejudice of any kind…” Lisa Vanderpump revealed on Twitter, adding, “The world can be a scary place for sure.”

Of course, many of Lisa Vanderpump’s followers were reaching out to her based on a recent post Lisa wrote for Bravo. Less than a week ago, Lisa revealed that she had been highly criticized for her support and involvement in the gay and lesbian community. Instead of ignoring the criticisms, Lisa Vanderpump wanted to explain why she wanted to help those who wanted her support.

“Many have asked me why I remain steadfast in my resolve and support of LGBT and many have criticized me for my dedication to the gay community, the fight for equal rights. I have always maintained that marriage is about two people who love each other, and those two are afforded the same rights as others,” Lisa Vanderpump reveals about her decision to fight for equal rights.

“It’s not political, it’s about humanity. It’s not tolerance, it’s about embracing our fellow man. So in a public forum, I was happy to stand up to the objectors as a conduit between the heterosexual community and theirs. I have an understanding of the qualities and to what I believe makes a decent human being” Vanderpump adds.

And it sounds like Lisa Vanderpump wants to put her energy into spreading her message about the LGBT community rather than fixing her friendships on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to the Inquisitr, Lisa has revealed that her failed friendship with Brandi Glanville has left the station.

What do you think about Lisa Vanderpump spreading an important message via Twitter?

[Image via Bravo]