‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Maya’s Backstory Teasers Revealed, Actress Shares More On Transgender Twist

A new week of The Bold and the Beautiful is beginning and viewers are anxious to see where the transgender storyline of Maya picks up. Fans have a lot of questions about Maya Avant’s journey from being a man who turned into a woman. It stunned fans last Wednesday when Maya’s sister — Nicole Avant — blew the lid off Maya’s secret. She told Maya she wasn’t her sister, but her brother, “Myron.”

In a TV Line interview, Karla Mosley, talks more about what’s to come in a few of The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. She assures everyone that nothing about Maya’s past will be re-written, including the fact she had a daughter that Dayzee helped her with getting adopted.

One of the first questions asked of the B&B star was if Monday’s scene will be a direct pick-up from the cliffhanger last week.

Mosley says: “It’s a direct pick-up. We really get to hear more about what’s going on between Nicole and Maya.”

According to She KnowsBold and the Beautiful spoilers, Maya will open up to Nicole about her past on Monday, and Rick tells her that he knows in her in a way he’s never known her before.

What does Mosley have to say regarding that adoption story? Did she give birth to her daughter that she and Dayzee had adopted? Mosely’s answer is given to TV Line in limited detail, but “technicalities” of the storyline will be broken down by writers.

“It’s an adoption story — we never saw Maya’s baby. We never saw that she had the child. That’s what I can say about that. Maya’s history has been very fuzzy. We’ve all been wondering: What was the deal with Jesse? How did she end up in prison? Again, for me, this really clarifies what that backstory is, why her relationship with Jesse was so tumultuous and some of what might have been going on at that time.”

Mosley hopes the world will open their minds even more when they watch the B&B soap. The daytime drama has a huge international following, which the actress believes will help awareness of transgender issues. Although society has come a long way in acceptance and tolerance, there’s much more to be explored in this area.

Karla Mosley said in an interview last week that she wondered why a transgender actress wasn’t chosen for her role. Producer, Bradley P. Bell, told her other talent is being hired to coincide with this front-burner story. Mosely gives one more Bold and the Beautiful spoiler by sharing what Bell’s plan is.

“… [The series is] hiring trans actors to support the storyline, so it’ll also give maybe a little more visibility within the trans community around the world.”

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