Fitness Trainer Qimmah Russo Shows Off Chiseled Muscles In Tiny Booty Shorts In Latest Instagram Snap

Qimmah Russo took to Instagram on Friday, May 8, to leave a sexy double-snap post for her 1.5 million followers. The fitness model was featured posing on a rowing machine while showing off her chiseled physique.

The photo set featured close-up shots of Qimmah as she posed in the middle of her rowing exercise. She wore a black halter-style sports bra that left her arms bare and allowed her followers an unobstructed view of her muscles as she worked them. The top also revealed her toned midsection, complete with a glitzy navel piercing. On her lower half, Qimmah sported a pair of tiny, black booty shorts that rode up as she sat on the machine, showing off the length of her legs. A pair of white socks with black stripes could be seen at the bottom of the frame.

The fitness trainer left her straight, dark tresses loose and flowing down her back. She appeared to have made up her face with thick, black lashes and dark-pink lip gloss. She accessorized with a single silver band on one finger and a hair elastic on one wrist.

In the first photo, Qimmah looked off towards the ceiling with a slightly amused look on her face. In the second, she gazed directly at the camera with her head tilted upwards and her mouth open.

Qimmah challenged her followers to write the best caption for the photos in the comments section of the post. Many of her followers attempted to get creative with their caption ideas -- leaving a wide range of options in the comments section -- while others simply complimented Qimmah on her figure.

"The most beautiful girl in the world," one Instagram user suggested.

"The face you make when those you cherish make a great comeback after quarantine," another follower wrote.

"When he comes to spot you with them gray sweatpants on," one other fan chimed in.

The post earned nearly 20,000 likes and a few hundred comments within the first few hours of appearing on the photo-sharing site.

Qimmah often takes to the social media site to post sexy photos of herself in a wide range of outfits, including bikinis and revealing activewear. This week, the model was featured in a tiny silver bikini while she posed seductively on a car tire. The photo earned plenty of attention from Qimmah's fanbase as many marveled at her chiseled yet curvy figure.