Candice Bergen: ‘Fat’ Actress Happily Gains 30 Pounds, Slams Friends For Bulimia In ‘Murphy Brown’ Memoir

Candice Bergen says that after years of playing the role of a slender, energetic actress, she’s now “fat” and proud of her love for food. Those revelations, along with her disdain for dieting, are just parts of the surprises that await in her new memoir, reported the Daily Mail.

Bergen is now 68, but in A Fine Romance, she reveals that after staying slim for her career as a Vogue model and Murphy Brown media mogul role, she’s gained 30 pounds in just 15 years. And Candice is candid about just how she acquired that weight.

“In the past 15 years… I have put on 30 pounds. I live to eat. None of this ‘eat to live’ stuff for me. I am a champion eater. No carb is safe — no fat, either. At a recent dinner party I shared bread and olive oil, followed by chocolate ice cream with my husband. A woman near me looked at me, appalled, and I thought, ‘I don’t care.’ Dieting is out of my purview. I crave cookies… all the things that dilate my pupils.”

In addition to revealing her own weight gain and belief that her bulge is beautiful, Candice attacks friends who she claims suffer from eating disorders, such as bulimia, that cause them to purge whatever they eat.

“They maintain their weight by routinely vomiting after major meals consisting of a slice of steak or a filet of fish,” claims Bergen in her book. “I am incapable of this.”

Candice isn’t the only female celebrity to reveal that she considers herself addicted to carbohydrates. As the Inquisitr reported, Barbra Streisand recently discussed her own belief that she is a food addict.

“I love coffee ice cream, and we go to friends’ houses and I can’t resist even the bread. I am a food addict. Tell you the truth. I am literally a food addict. I cannot stay away from foods that I love, which are bad for me — you know, like carbs that are bad.”

But while Candice is upbeat about not trying to avoid her favorite foods, she’s even more energized when it comes to discussing her acting career.

In particular, focusing on her role in Murphy Brown, Candice reveals what appealed about the character in her memoir, excerpted in Vogue.

“She was big, she was brassy, she was fearless. Smart, fast-paced, and funny, the dialogue was similar to the great comedies of the 1940s. There was something in the writing of the Murphy character that hooked me, as she eventually hooked many women. Is it that she was, in many ways, who we wished we could be as women? Successful in a field dominated by men? Free of the need to please? Impolitic, impolite, yet in some weird way, irresistible?”

In addition, Bergen shares her delight in the way that the role allowed her to play up her Lucille Ball comedic talents.

“What I had going for me was the element of surprise. No one ever expected me to be funny, not least because of my glacial Nordic looks and affect,” admits Candice of her sitcom success.

What do you think about Candice Bergen’s confession that she’s happy to be “fat”? Do actresses today have too much pressure to remain slim? Post your comments below.

[Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]