McDonald’s Food Should Carry Tobacco Style Health Warnings, Claims Campaigner

All McDonald’s products should be forced to carry health warnings similar to those found on cigarette packets, according to an Australian health advocate.

As any smoker worth their puff knows, you cannot light up for a discreet drag on a nicotine stick these days without being bombarded with graphic pictures of what smoking does to your lungs, not to mention the colorful bold-type print which covers tobacco products, enthusiastically declaring that smoking causes a slow and painful death or worse still, facial ageing.

Now, it would appear that overweight people and fast food fanatics are also in line to be called out and repeatedly told they are slowly killing themselves due to their fetish like fondness for supping in the halls of Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders, and Miss Millie.

That is, of course, if Australian healthy food advocate Aaron Schultz gets his way.

Believe it or not, Schultz isn’t a fast food hater who gets his kicks from informing customers of McDonald’s and other fast food outlets that Big Macs make big children and Kentucky fried chicken can turn you into a lard a**. No sir. The founder of the Game Changer movement is concerned about the way McDonald’s and others of the clown’s ilk advertise to children and the effect it has on their health.

McDonalds Horse Poop

The Daily Mail reports that Schultz, who wants to banish unhealthy food ads in sport believes we’re heading down the wrong path at a rapid rate and piped pipers such as Ronald McDonald are leading the charge.

“Just like a cigarette packet demonstrates the causes of cigarette smoking and its damages, fast food containers and cartons should demonstrate what the fast food product can do to the human body.”

“Food labelling is a key step to people making informed decisions on what they’re eating. We don’t have the capacity for people to make informed decisions because there’s no labelling.”

“Certainly if you look at, say, a piece of fried chicken you would find that there would be a lot more than the chicken and the nine herbs and spices associated with that.”

In Schultz’s native country of Australia recent statistics show that one-quarter of all 5- to 17-year-olds are overweight or obese. The healthy eating campaigner believes if there was more information on the packaging about where the fast food was sourced from and if it has been treated with chemicals and growth hormones, people would thing twice before getting stuck in.

America's obesity epidemic and fast food.

The concerned father of two explained how he first became involved in health food campaigning after having a stomach full of the way McDonald’s and other brands targeted children for the hard sell at sports matches.

“I’m just a normal dad that’s got concerns about unhealthy products being pushed to my children. They can’t go to a game of sport without being influenced to consume unhealthy products.”

“My main focus is to get unhealthy advertising out of sport but it’s grown a lot more to address things at a greater level.”