Were You There?

Hull Media Inc. wants you to remember, share, and preserve stories that shaped your life– even history– with the launch of its social archive WereYouThere.com

WereYouThere was inspired by Founder and CEO Jonathan Hull’s own passion for storytelling both as a former TIME magazine bureau chief and a bestselling author.

“Over the years I’ve received quite a few letters from readers who wanted to share stories from their own lives, hopeful that someone might listen. Many of these stories were so fascinating and evocative that I got to thinking: where can they find the audience they deserve?“ Hull said

“At heart, we are all storytellers, telling and re-telling our stories to give structure and meaning to our lives. WereYouThere is designed to bring these stories together, weaving them into a rich tapestry of our collective experience.”

WereYouThere is free to join. An intuitive and straightforward interface allows members to post text, audio, photos and videos into a multimedia archive organized by subject matter. Members can also create communities based on shared experience and enjoy private messaging, profiles and full privacy controls.

Members have already posted firsthand accounts of topics ranging from the attack on Pearl Harbor to Pink Floyd to 911. Other topics include favorite travel spots, celebrities, memorable moments in sports and the everyday scenes of days gone by. WereYouThere encourages noncommercial use of the content posted by members with the intention of creating a valuable resource for students, historians and anyone interested in where we’ve been.