New York Yankees Rumors: Prospect Jose Pirela Taken To Hospital After Hitting Wall [Video]

New York Yankees rumors have focused a lot on the velocity of CC Sabathia over the weekend. A bigger Yankees story was what happened to Jose Pirela as he was making a play during a Spring Training game on Sunday (March 22), though. As reported by ESPN, Pirela was making a play on an outfield drive when he crashed into the outfield wall. After the collision he appeared to hit the back of his head on the warning track.

“Pirela, who complained of dizziness, was taken by ambulance from the complex to Tradition Medical Center, where a brain CT scan and a cervical MRI both came back negative and he was released from the hospital. But he does have a concussion, the Yankees tweeted. He will be out an indefinite period.”

This is a really tough break for Jose Pirela, as recent New York Yankees rumors had indicated he might have a shot at a roster slot coming out of Spring Training. Yankees manager Joe Girardi has been stereotypically coy about his answers on the topic, but he did address questions from ESPN about whether this brings an end to his opportunity.

“You just don’t know. Some guys respond quicker than others. You wouldn’t think a second baseman has had a significant number [of concussions] like a catcher, so sometimes the response is quicker. We have to wait and see. I hope no.”

Pirela had been starting in center field again for the Yankees on Sunday, and had been putting together some really good numbers in the Grapefruit League. Through this game, he has a.370 batting average (10-for-27) and a nice.433 on-base percentage. Pirela also has five extra base hits, five RBIs, and has looked good in the outfield. Though it would have been difficult for the team to put him on the 25-man roster, New York Yankees rumors about the outfield situation suggested it was possible.

As for the rumors about CC Sabathia still struggling on the mound, this game underscored just how bad it has become. While is still some time to get ready for the regular season, allowing three home runs to the New York Mets in just three innings is problematic. As noted on the Inquisitr, Sabathia is still in a five-year, $122-million contract extension that locks him in with the team.

Though there are questions about whether Jose Pirela is going to need a lot of time to recover from his injuries, there are other issues that the team needs to deal with in the short-term. Other New York Yankees rumors that will be addressed before Opening Day is the specific order of the starting rotation, whether first baseman Mark Teixeira is ready to produce big numbers, and if Masahiro Tanaka will be able to pitch a full season for the team. Manager Joe Girardi and Yankees fans would certainly like those answers soon.

[Image Source: Brian Blanco/Getty Images]