Spin Doctors Do A 2015 Punk World Tour — Over 20 Years After Hits

Do you remember the Spin Doctors? Most people associate the Spin Doctors from their Billboard chart hits in 1992. If you know their work from that time period, you may associate them with a certain sound. Scanning their Wikipedia page, the Spin Doctors of their pop-rock stardom days was usually associated with bands like Phish, Widespread Panic, or Blues Traveler. However, if you have not listened to Spin Doctors in awhile, it’s clear things have changed in the past 20 years.

For starters, the Spin Doctors are still a band, they still record music, and they still do shows on a tour — unlike a lot of other bands from 20 years ago. The Spin Doctors also do not just do a tour where they play their old hits over and over. The Spin Doctors of today do a lot of new music, have evolved their sound, and are relevant to today’s punk, anti-folk audience.

The individual members of the Spin Doctors also do independent acts. For instance, Chris Barron and Aaron Comess are going on tour with and without the Spin Doctors in 2015.

To help define the current genre of the Spin Doctors, take into account the musician that Chris Barron is going on tour with in England. This Spin Doctors-related musician called Lach is said to be the founder of anti-folk, and the Guardian describes him as having a “beat punk” sound.

All of this is a far cry from the typical use of the word spin doctor that we usually see in headlines. Lach’s anti-folk style that was called “Beat-punk-unplugged joy!” in reviews will be a big part of the sound related to the Spin Doctor’s upcoming world tour. Billy Ficca of the band Television said the Spin Doctor’s tourmate Lach is “the best punk rhythm guitarist since Johnny Ramone.”

Musician Suzanne Vega said Lach is “incredibly bright, he’s influential, he’s funny, he’s smart, and he’s got his own, sort of, counter-culture charm. A very intelligent songwriter, funny, poetic. He became part of New York folklore.”

The Spin Doctors have been active over the past year with a 2014 tour and did a photo essay with Stereo Embers in the winter. They recently published their new world tour dates for Lach, Chris Barron, and the Spin Doctors on Bands In Town. An updated and concise list is found at Chris Barron’s personal webpage.

[Feature image via Getty Images/Tim Mosenfelder.]