Angelique Boyer Is Done With Nude Photo Shoots, But Fans May Still See Her Strip Down On The Big Screen

Angelique Boyer said she is done with nude photo shoots, but the French-born Mexican actress has an ambition that might make still require her to strip down.

The actress said she wants to be play Anastasia Steele in the Latino version of Fifty Shades Of Grey, a role that would likely require her to undress in front of the camera.

Boyer said she is a big fan of the E.L. James book and envisions herself as the lead alongside her boyfriend, Sebastián Rulli.

“Obviously, I loved the character of Anastasia because all women can see themselves in her; she’s a very emblematic character and of course, as an actress, I would love to portray iconic characters,” she said in an interview with Reforma (via TV Notas).

Boyer had recently announced that she does not plan any more nude photo shoots, deciding instead to focus solely on her acting career. She famously stripped down for the magazine H Para Hombres, but as Master Herald noted, those days are behind her.

“Recently however, she gave an interview in which she stated that she doesn’t plan on repeating that photo shoot in the future, and she’s focused on her main career right now. According to her, posing nude was just a fun experience for her, something she needed to get out of her system, and now that she was done with it, she had no real interest in repeating it, and didn’t see an appeal anymore.”

But Angelique Boyer recognizes that there’s quite a bit standing in her way, aside from her vow not to pose nude again. Boyer said the transition from telenovela actress to the big screen is a difficult one.

“I would love to, but unfortunately, there’s a rule that if you work on television the people will not go see you at the movies,” she said.

Though her nude photo shoot days are in the past, Angelique Boyer could still be able to land the role of Anastasia Steele in a Mexican cinema version of Fifty Shade Of Grey. Though she is largely known for the telenovelas work now, Boyer has shown her range, including playing a violent killer in Mujeres Asesinas 2 and the main villain in projects Corazón salvaje and Teresa.

[Image via Latin Times]