Michael Jackson Trivia Expands: ‘Empire’ And Memorabilia

Michael Jackson trivia fans will be thrilled to learn that there is a new fact to add to their list. On top of that, new Michael Jackson memorabilia is up for sale, and the items have a raffle component. Although Michael Jackson news can often contain information about former accusations of sex abuse (of which he was acquitted), this news proves that Michael Jackson is still working his magic among us — over six years after his death.

The new trivia that Michael Jackson is a part of relates to the new TV series, Empire. The new television show does not necessarily mention Michael Jackson or use any of his music. What Empire and Michael Jackson do have in common is a soundtrack.

Billboard Magazine explains the Empire and Michael Jackson connection, stating, “‘Empire’ is also the first soundtrack of any kind to hit No. 1 on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums since 2010, when the soundtrack to the film ‘Michael Jackson’s This Is It’ spent its fourth (and final) week at No. 1 on the chart dated Feb. 13, 2010.”

The Chicago Tribune highlights the accomplishments that Michael Jackson and Empire share, stating, “The ‘Empire’ soundtrack was released March 10 and sold 130,00 albums in its first week, edging out Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ for the top spot.”

Of course, true Michael Jackson fans know that his list of Billboard chart hits contains over five pages of history. A few months after his death in June 2009, Billboard published an article about This Is It hitting the top of the charts.

“To the surprise of probably nobody, ‘Michael Jackson’s This Is It’ will debut atop the Billboard 200 albums chart released today (November 4, 2009) with an eye-popping 373,000 copies… The ‘This Is It’ film bowed with late-night showings on October 27, before rolling out wide the following day. Through November 2, the film had collected $36.9 million at the box office in the U.S. and Canada.”

Adding to magical things that have happened since Michael Jackson died, there is a new competition related to his handwritten copy of the lyrics to “Billie Jean” — or is there?

An auction house in Tokyo, Japan, recently said through a press release that they were selling the original Michael Jackson lyrics prints — and giving several copies to raffle for charity. However, the link to the Michael Jackson-related website for the raffle details appears to not be working.

The Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” original lyrics are available for viewing online and also offer the public a chance to buy prints of the lyrics.

The Michael Jackson lyrics have a history page that states, “Michael Jackson Tokyo LTD is producing a one of a kind limited edition of 100 authentic lithographs of the Original ‘Billie Jean’ lyrics for each of the 35 countries from the History World.”

The MJ World blog clarifies the previous statement, stating, “Around 2003, Michael Jackson presented to Dieter Wiesner handwritten lyrics of his famous ‘Billie Jean,’ ‘Black or White,’ ‘Smooth Criminal’ and charity song ‘What More Can I Give,’ with the intent to have limited lithographs of each produced for the 35 countries he toured during the HIStory World Tour.”

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