‘Victory Command’ Is Now Accepting Closed Beta Players

PlayGrid Games is looking for a few good beta players. The closed beta for Victory Command, an upcoming, free-to-play battle arena game, has 10,000 beta keys available and is looking for suitable players to join the cause.


Interested players can go to the official game website located at www.victory-command.com and click on the “Sign up for Beta” button to request a beta key. The gameplay of Victory Command is a hybrid battle arena system being crafted by industry veterans with experience in real-time strategy arena. Chris McKibbin, CEO of PlayGrid Games, explains in a recent press release how their strategic alliances and partnerships are making Victory Command a game players will want to dive into.

“We joined our own talented team with Petroglyph Games and Neoact. Petroglyph practically invented the RTS genre given their work on Command and Conquer and Dune, and Korean developer of Chaos Online, Neoact, brings vast battle arena and MOBA experience to Victory Command as well.”

In Victory Command, two teams of five players each face-off in a battle arena. Each player commands his or her units in battle and can build companies of tanks, jeeps or infantry units. As with most competitive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, communication and teamwork are critical to successfully build a solid team and successfully execute tactics on the battlefield. As McKibbin describes, the development of such a social game experience requires adequate feedback from the players to deliver an engaging, enjoyable experience.

“We are at the point in the development of ‘Victory Command’ where we need feedback from players on the game. Player input is essential to fully delivering on the promise of ‘Victory Command.’ How the players want ‘Victory Command’ to be enhanced is exactly what we want to know.”

A cursory glance at the game trailer shows off the game in its rough beta glory but gives gamers an idea of what the publisher would like the title to become.

A closer look at the gameplay elements found in Victory Command may appear familiar to those who had a chance to try out Trion Worlds’ seemingly cancelled End of Nations. This should come as no surprise given that Petroglyph was developing End of Nations before Trion brought the development of the game in-house before eventually dropping the title completely. Will Petroglyph’s partnership with PlayGrid Games finally lead to a successful MOBA launch? Or will Victory Command wind up on the cutting room floor much like End of Nations? Take the beta for a spin and tell us what you think in the comments below.