‘I Was Given An Abortion Pill By Mistake And Now I Fear For My Unborn Child’s Life’: North London Woman Was Wrongly Told She Had A Miscarriage

A 23-year-old mom-to-be was mistakenly given an abortion pill after a nurse wrongly told her she had a miscarriage when in fact, the baby was alive and well. The expectant mother is now in fear of the child’s health, thinking that the chemicals in the pill may cause her child to be born with a disability.

According to the Mirror, singer-songwriter Rachel Nicholson of North London discovered that she was six-months pregnant. She and her partner were excited about the pregnancy news. However, their eagerness came to an abrupt end when a nurse at Edgware Pregnancy Advisory Service told Rachel and her partner that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Their visit at Edgware Pregnancy may have been their first visit to confirm their pregnancy, but information regarding that matter has not been released.

During an ultrasound in January, a nurse informed the couple that she couldn’t pick up a heartbeat and concluded that the baby had died. To prevent Rachel from getting an infection, the hospital staff gave her an abortion pill. The pill was also to help remove the fetus.

After leaving the hospital, Rachel had to be rushed to a nearby hospital – three weeks later – when she collapsed. During her visit at the hospital, she later discovered that she was still pregnant.

Rachel and her partner were both shocked after hearing the news. The last thing they expected to hear was that she was still pregnant after being told she had a miscarriage.

Although the pregnancy was a surprise, the couple was still excited about expecting a child. Therefore, when they received the news about Rachel’s unfortunate miscarriage, they were devastated.

Rachel stated as follows.

“This has been the worst time of my life. I feel like I’ve had the first taste of motherhood – buying clothes, picking names and the excitement – ripped from me.

Instead, I’m left with fear and worry.”


Since taking the abortion pill, Rachel has yet to conduct any tests to discover if her unborn child will have a disability, but she plans to find out next month.

“As soon as I was told there was a heartbeat I burst into floods of tears,” Rachel said. “I don’t know how he or she will turn out but I do know I will love them whatever.”

Staff members at the pregnancy center who gave Rachel the abortion pill refuse to comment on the incident.

Rachel is now 17 weeks pregnant.

[Image courtesy of Doug/Flickr]