September 13, 2017
Alleged iPad Pro Leaked Pictures Show Surface Pro 4 Competitor Has Four Speakers

The iPad Pro may or may not be released soon, but according to the usually on-spot Phone Arena, the new iPad will be quite the device.

"Leaked images showing 3D renders of a case for the rumored Apple iPad Pro/Plus confirm speculation that the large-sized slate will carry four speakers. The case has four cutouts that would align with the tablet's speakers. Two are placed at the top and two at the bottom of the device. Earlier this year, a photograph allegedly showing the casing for the tablet also had four areas cut out for the speakers."

Tech Radar repeats the information about the speakers, but also says the iPad Pro may not go into production until September.

"The iPad Pro will race out of the traps in the second half of the year, if a report by Bloomberg is to be believed. According to sources in the know, the 12.9-inch tablet will enter production in September, which would make a release before the end of 2015 unlikely."

Apple is having a very difficult time selling the iPad, which was a hot item for four years. A lot of people think that now that Apple has released the iPhone 6 Plus, there is no point in having a tablet since the new smartphone is almost the size of one. People would rather carry around one device than two. However, Bidness Etc. suggests that the iPad Pro may be more of an upgrade than people had originally thought.

"The iPad Pro might be a different upgrade compared to previous expectations. It might be closer to a MacBook Air than the iPad Air 2. Based on rumors, the Apple iPad Pro is expected to be around 12.2 inches. It is also expected to come with more built in storage and a 4k display. There is also speculation that the iPad Pro could have a different architecture and software base, marking a shift from ARM-based processors to the Intel Core i-series."

It appears that the iPad Pro could run a specialized version of OS X rather than iOS. This would put it in competition with Microsoft's Surface Pro 4, which is rumored to come out in July. However, The Air Herald is predicting that the Surface Pro 4 could actually arrive sooner. They believe this since Microsoft has been dropping the Surface Pro 3 line by $100 for all units. It will be interesting to see which device officially arrives first: Will it be the iPad Pro or the Surface Pro 4?

[Image Render by Phone Arena]