Famous YouTuber ‘Markiplier’ Lands In The Hospital, Updates Fans That He’s Headed To Surgery [Video]

If you’re a fan of gamers, you’ve probably already heard of Mark Edward Fischbach — a 25-year-old guy who is much better known as “Markiplier” on YouTube. With more than 6.8 million YouTube subscribers, Markiplier definitely gets noticed when something outside of the norm appears on his YouTube channel, like the below video that shows the actor, voice-over artist, funny-man, web personality, philanthropist — and yes, video game commentator — under the weather in a state that has placed him in a hospital bed.

“I’m really sorry to say this but I’m in the hospital overnight.”

A lot of pain hit Markiplier suddenly, he said, without going into details about his specific illness. He did, however, apologize for scaring any of his Twitter followers with an initial tweet about his overnight hospital stay.

“Gonna have to stay at the hospital overnight.”

“I know I freaked some people out with the tweet and pictures.”

Published on March 22 to YouTube, sometime after the 4 a.m. time that Markiplier talks about it being when he filmed the video, the YouTube video has gotten more than one million views since being uploaded — an amazing response to witness.

Both in the video itself, titled “Markiplier in the Hospital,” and in its description, Markiplier reiterates that he doesn’t want his fans to worry about his illness, which he says is not life-threatening.

“I don’t want to worry anyone but thought you all should know what’s going on. Thanks for all the love and care you’ve been showing me while I’m stuck at the hospital!”

Later, however, Markiplier updated his fans on Sunday evening that he would be headed off to surgery, and would let everyone know when he is all better. With symptoms like sudden pain and immediate surgery, one wonders if Markiplier’s ailment is related to an appendix bursting or a similar issue.

Meanwhile, the comments on Reddit in the thread titled “Markiplier in the Hospital : gaming” show gamers debating his condition, along with comparing Markiplier to PewDiePie, another famous YouTube personality.

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[Image via Markiplier YouTube video]