Pharrell Williams: ‘Happiness Is Your Birthright’

Pharrell Williams spoke to the UN General Assembly on International Day of Happiness, according to the Daily Mail. At least, that is what the headline of the article is supposed to make you think.

Pharrell Williams

The only problem is that Williams did not speak to the UN General Assembly. Pharrell did not even speak about happiness, really. Williams, whose claim to fame is his hit song “Happy,” used his celebrity status to speak to local New York students about climate change.

What should have been lighthearted appeal to make life more like a Coca-Cola commercial, Williams used his time at the podium to lecture middle-schoolers about climate change.

“We have to move from climate change to climate action.”

According to the UN News Centre, Williams launched the “Happy Party,” which gives people the opportunity to upload images to a website that will be released with his song ‘Happy’ as the soundtrack in conjunction with the International Day of Happiness. However, the other goal of the “Happy Party” is to use the one billion people as a means to push political leaders to tackle the issue of climate change.

The only problem with this is the misdirection surrounding Pharrell Williams. Williams’s celebrity status — which is much greater than Philippe Cousteau or Sylvia Earle — is being leveraged to generate more buzz for climate change, which has been as widely debunked as liberal supporters want to claim it as fact.

Then you have media reports that do not tell you plainly Pharrell is participating because he believes in climate change. Look at the title from this article by the Hollywood Reporter.

Hollywood Reporter Screenshot

This is about as misleading as it gets. There is no way one would expect it to be a mini-lecture on the need for climate change or that Williams is a major advocate for it. Then you have this article which has the following headline.

“Pharrell Williams mobbed at UN on International Day of Happiness”

It is true that Pharrell was mobbed by the middle-schoolers when Williams mingled with the children, but that was not the point of his speech. If Williams had focused only on happiness, I would not have had a problem with him being there. However, this misleading attempt to garner support for the debunked science of climate change has got to make people wonder why are they being misled?

As for Williams’s ‘Happy Party’, here is the link. Let’s see if it is what you thought it was.

Did you notice the line about people “dancing for a happy planet”? Then when you go to their About page, you will see that Williams is a lot less subtle — or blatantly less misleading — about his desire for climate change action.

“…Protecting our planet is fundamental to the pursuit of human happiness and that is why we have chosen to support Live Earth’s movement to raise a billion voices for climate action…”

Wait for Pharrell Williams, the UN, and other climate change supporters to use these pictures as a way to say the world is demanding action on climate change, which would be another misleading deception and does not seem to be a “first” for Williams.

[Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images]