Lana Del Rey’s Style Mimicked Worldwide In 2015 — Prom Hair Styles

One of the things that fans love about Lana Del Rey is her style — and it looks like the fashion world is catching up to this idea all over the world. From fans that want to mimic her hairstyles for the 2015 prom to her impeccable fashion ensembles being emulated overseas, dropping Lana Del Rey’s name in relationship to style has become common in the media.

This is surprising, considering Lana Del Rey has also had her share of media criticism about the clothes she chooses. Like all celebrities, Lana Del Rey has her share of fashion misses. For example, after the Golden Globe Awards, Kathy Griffin of the Fashion Police criticized Lana Del Rey’s aqua, pleated evening gown. Fans teased her about looking like Ariel in The Little Mermaid. The Huffington Post captioned a photo of Lana Del Rey at the Golden Globes with, “If the Little Mermaid went to the Golden Globes, we imagine she might wear something like this.”

Despite these occasional style mis-steps, Lana Del Rey is typically noted for having good taste in fashion. Of course, like many celebrities, Lana Del Rey has access to the best stylists and hairdressers (like Anna Cofone and Johnny Blue Eyes) — but ultimately, she chooses her own looks.

Of course, being a fashion icon was a long time coming for Lana Del Rey, and it is not surprising that she is influencing current prom hair styles in Oregon. Even though Lana Del Rey did not become popular until around 2011, in 2012, her pointy red nails were already becoming a fashion trend. Lana Del Rey’s fashion influence only grew as time went on, and, instead of waning, has waxed. It is to the point that Lana Del Rey’s every fashion move is watched — including the designer second-hand stores where she shops.

Last year, Rolling Stone took time to describe Lana Del Rey’s unique style as a model and H&M brand girl and stated the following.

“Her personal style has been a bit hard to pin down: onstage, she’s been the vision of innocence, usually gussied for ditching church in pristine white lace and satin gowns. Offstage, she’s the portrait of ultra-casual, doing jeans and ballet flats, T-shirts and cardigans, as typically American as the “Star-Spangled Banner” and Starbucks. It’s a fashion duality that’s equally reflected in her lyrics and musical persona, a bored, sweet woman with a bad streak. [sic]”

Lana Del Rey has certainly built a portrait portfolio in her past few years of fame, and the latest are the stunning photos that she did for Another Man magazine. Lana Del Rey showed us in December through her photo shoot for Galore Magazine that she can even make fur look good on the beach.

It sounds redundant, but one sign that someone is defining style is that their name is used to define style. For instance, the look of a new video by Taylor Swift called “Style” was said to have a “moody Lana Del Rey aesthetic,” according to KQED PBS. Some online publications have even accused Taylor Swift of stealing Lana Del Rey’s style on multiple levels, including demeanor, clothes, sound, and overall look.

Speaking of defining style, on top of creating an impression on Americans, Lana Del Rey’s fashion influence is spreading overseas. In England, Lana Del Rey has been referred to as a “go-to retro style icon.” In Germany, there are women of all ages on the website Gute Frage (Good Question) asking others about how to define Lana Del Rey’s style and fashion choices.

In 2015, two major German fashion magazines have featured Lana Del Rey, including Gala and Flair. To get Lana Del Rey’s look, Gala says, “Among the must-haves for a styling à la Lana Del Rey offers retro clothes with skirt or a pencil skirt. This is preferably combined with a sleeveless blouse. In addition, should high-waist jeans for every wardrobe, this one is best suited to a casual knotted T-shirt. [sic]”

When asked, “Who actually invented the Lana Del Rey look?” she told Flair, “Anna makes my hair, Pamela Cochrane takes care of eyes and lips. And then there’s that always worried Johnny Blueyes me the right wardrobe. For example, if I want a dress in the way it Marilyn Monroe wore.”

What does Lana Del Rey think about her own style and fashion? In an interview with Lana Del Rey for Flair, the author asked about her style and fashion choices, and she said, “My jacket is from K-Mart, which is a discount department store. When we were recently in New York, I was cold, and because on the other side of the road, a K-Mart was, I’ve bought this part. I do not care about fashion. The only thing I like to buy is jewelry.”

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