‘DWTS’ Chris Soules Will Dance Shirtless: Witney Excited, But What About Whitney?

Will Bachelor Chris Soules go shirtless on Dancing with the Stars? His dance partner Witney Carson says that he has to give “America what they want,” so expect to see the hunky Iowa farmer take his shirt off during at least one performance of the tango, rumba, or cha-cha-cha.

It’s clear that his DWTS dance partner, Witney, loves the idea, but what about his fiancee, Whitney Bischoff?

According to OK!,Bischoff is “jealous” about her man spending so much time with Witney as it is, but that’s unconfirmed gossip at this point. Chances are, Whitney is completely aware that her husband-to-be will probably do at least one dance with his shirt off this season.

Soules recently told Access Hollywood that his fiancee “trusts him,” so a shirtless performance and lots of hands-on ballroom dance action with his partner should be nothing to worry about, especially if Whitney feels her relationship with Chris is solid.

Although he knows a shirt-free performance is bound to happen, Chris tells Access Hollywood that he’s been trying to avoid getting a spray tan, something he will need to do if he takes his shirt off for an upcoming dance number.

“I opted out last week. When she [Witney] makes me take off my shirt, that’s when I’ll start doing the spray tan.”

During his first performance on the DWTS season premiere, Chris wore a buttoned up shirt that was fairly conservative — if you don’t count all of the rhinestones the shirt was bedazzled with. The Bachelor made it clear that he wasn’t expecting all the bling on this shirt, but he’s going to roll with it and do what it takes to win the Mirror Ball Trophy.

“They took my belt buckle and they took my shirt. I thought maybe they were just gonna kind of iron it out, make it look pretty. And it came back pretty all right. It came back covered in rhinestones. My belt was covered in rhinestones. If we win this thing, I will bling out the farm.”

Chris Soules may be end up being a strong contender on Dancing With the Stars this season. Last week, his scores were decent for a first-timer, pulling off a 26 out of 40. While not the highest score of the night (see all of the celeb’s scores here), it wasn’t a bad start for a guy who probably doesn’t go out dancing in the tiny town of Arlington, Iowa.

Watch Dancing With the Stars Week 2 on March 23 at 8 p.m. ET to see if Chris and Witney make it another week without getting voted off. Find a full list of voting phone numbers here, along with instructions on how to vote online.

Expect to see Chris’ fiancee, Whitney, in the crowd cheering her man on, shirtless or not.

[Images: Witney Carson/Instagram, ABC]