Mini Me Actor Hospitalized: Verne Troyer Reassures Fans He’s Fine After Seizure

Verne Troyer fans were worried after reports broke that the Mini Me actor was hospitalized over the weekend. It seems that as he was meeting with fans at the Heart of Texas Comic Con event, the actor suffered a seizure and he was then taken to the hospital. Troyer is doing fine now, he says, as he later shared an update with fans via Twitter to try to reassure them that there was nothing to worry about.

TMZ reported that the “Mini Me” actor was hospitalized Saturday after Verne Troyer started to have trouble breathing. His rep reportedly indicated that Troyer’s transportation to a hospital was done simply as a precautionary measure. So far, there is no word regarding what caused the actor’s seizure.

Luckily, the Austin Powers star wasn’t stuck at the hospital for long, and his condition was determined to not be serious. Troyer reassured fans via Twitter that he was fine, and he even did a video shortly after the hospitalization reports broke letting everybody know he was okay.

Verne said that he was just at the hospital for a couple of hours, and he was back at his hotel as he returned to Twitter to fill fans in on his condition. Troyer said that he was looking forward to returning to the Comic Con event on Sunday to sign more autographs and meet more fans.

As the Hollywood Reporter shares, Troyer is known, perhaps, most by fans for his role as Mini Me in the Austin Powers films, with Mike Myers. He also worked with Myers in The Love Guru and he’s kept busy with both television and film roles for many years. Fans may also recall that Verne took part in a season of The Surreal Life a while back, as well.

Many followers on Twitter were quick to share their support and relief that Troyer was fine and everybody was glad that he took the time to update them. Some noted being at the event and being in line waiting to meet him when the seizure occurred.

By the looks of Verne Troyer’s Twitter page, he’s been keeping very busy with events and public appearances this year and fans hope this seizure incident doesn’t slow him down any. Luckily, despite the “Mini Me” actor’s hospitalization, it seems that Troyer is feeling great and ready to jump right back into things again.

[Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]