Kate Gosselin Strikes Back At Child Abuse Allegations

After making headlines because of court documents that surfaced accusing Kate Gosselin of abusing her eight children, the mom and reality TV star took to social media to combat the allegations.

“Why spiteful court document allegations that were scoffed at/dismissed in court 5yrs ago r news 2day is beyond me.”

She then added a hashtag that read, “#Some1DiggingDeep4APayDay.”

Of course, some may point out the fact that Kate Gosselin is an expert at digging deep for a payday — including ex-husband Jon, who repeatedly voices his opposition to Kate putting their children in the public spotlight for her reality show, Kate Plus 8.

The abuse allegations against Kate stem from court documents dating back to 2010 that list Kate’s ex-husband’s concerns over some of her parenting when it comes to the eight children — twins Mady and Cara, and sextuplets Collin, Aaden, Leah, Alexis, Hannah, and Joel. The court documents claimed that Kate resorted to physical punishment with the children, resulting in at least one instance where the punishment was severe enough that a child was left with marks a day after the incident occurred. There were also reports of the children being locked into their bedrooms at night, even if they needed to use the bathroom, as well as claims that Kate did not always dress them properly for inclement weather and would send them to school with moldy food for lunch.

Of course, Kate Gosselin has never been one to take anything quietly, and it’s not surprising that she addressed the resurfaced court documents detailing Jon Gosselin’s concerns over whether or not Kate is fit to be a parent to their eight children. The fact that Jon accused Kate of such actions as negligence and feeding moldy food to their children, however, was new information revealed by Radar Online.

And as to why the court documents from 2010 are resurfacing may be because the old abuse allegations are prevalent in light of the fact that Kate’s parenting is once again coming under question — this time in regards to one of the sextuplets, Collin, age 10. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kate Gosselin was apparently investigated recently by the Department of Children and Youth Services after receiving a tip claiming that Kate was “both physically and psychologically abusive to one of her sextuplets, Collin.”

A source claims that Collin is often singled out by Kate, and that his siblings “see how Kate treats their brother like he’s an indentured servant,” adding that the two older girls have reportedly “cried to their dad about how poorly their mom treats Collin.”

Various sources also claim that father Jon Gosselin is well aware of the claims his son, Collin, is singled out and mistreated by mother Kate.

What do you think — is this just more bitter blood between a couple who has been publicly feuding since 2009, or is there substance to the idea that Kate Gosselin is an abusive mother? And click here to read excerpts from the court documents that paint a shocking picture of Kate Gosselin as an abusive mother.

[Photo by Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images]