64-Year-Old Woman Mauled To Death By Dog At Her Home

While dogs are usually considered to be “man’s best friend” a title they have usually earned, sometimes animals will be animals, as a tragic case from Ely in Wales proves.

The attack, which took place at Crossways Road at around 10 p.m. on Friday, was referred to as a “tragic attack” by Superintendent Andy Valentine of South Wales Police’s Eastern division after a woman was killed in her home by the dog.

Despite desperate attempts by police and paramedics to save the life of the victim, named as Rhona Greve, she succumbed to her wounds at the University Hospital of Wales a short time after being admitted.

Ely councillors Jim Murphy and Susan Goddard said they had been notified of the incident by a South Wales Police inspector. As Goddard said, “This is a terrible tragedy, it’s just too awful to comprehend being savaged by a dog. It’s terrible.”

At the same time, Superintendent Andy Valentine of South Wales Police’s Eastern division talked about the incident to reporters.

“This is tragic incident, which I know will shock and upset the local community. The woman’s family are understandably extremely distressed and are being supported by specially trained police officers. I would like to reassure local residents that this is an isolated incident and a thorough police investigation into what happened on Friday is being conducted. I would also like to thank the local community for their support and co-operation during the investigation so far.”

Valentine also confirmed that a 17-year-old man was taken into custody and being questioned in connection with the incident and will appear at Cardiff Magistrates Court on Monday 23 March.

Although it’s not clear what role the young man had, if any, in the death of Rhona Greve, it is assumed that the dog somehow belonged to the suspect and that he was responsible for it.

That, as well as what led the dog to attack the woman in her home will become clearer after tomorrow, when the case is heard at court.