Courteney Cox Plans Two Weddings: Coco Will Sing At One, But What About Ed Sheeran?

Courteney Cox is having two weddings, so hopefully, her good pal Ed Sheeran will be able to attend at least one of them. And if the “Thinking Out Loud” singer shows up to the right ceremony to watch Courteney exchange vows with Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid, he’ll be relieved to know that the couple won’t put him to work — they’ve already chosen a much cuter wedding singer for one of their ceremonies.

According to Closer, 50-year-old Courteney Cox and 38-year-old Johnny McDaid just couldn’t compromise while planning their big day — their ideas of a dream wedding were just too different to meld together. So instead of having one wedding that they both aren’t entirely happy with, they’re having two ceremonies.

At least there was one thing that the couple could agree on — they decided that Courteney Cox’s 10-year-old daughter Coco Arquette should serenade them while they celebrate their union. According to Us Weekly, Coco is taking singing lessons so that she can perform a special song for the newlyweds. Her desire to sing seems to be evidence that she’s a big fan of her mother’s new musically-gifted man.

“She’s inspired by Johnny and will perform at the wedding,” a source revealed.

Coco, whose father is actor David Arquette, will be performing at Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid’s Northern Ireland ceremony. One of the weddings will take place in Johnny’s hometown of Londonderry, and the other will be held in Los Angeles. This will make it easier for the Courteney’s closest friends to attend.

If Courteney Cox needs a wedding singer for her Los Angeles ceremony, perhaps she can convince Ed Sheeran to belt out a few romantic tunes. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the British singer-songwriter actually introduced Courteney Cox to Johnny McDaid. Sheeran has become pretty close pals with Cox, so surely he wouldn’t turn her down if she asked him to sing at her ceremony. According to the Irish Independent, there were once rumors that Ed was in the running to be Johnny’s best man, so there’s a good chance that he’s going to be involved in one of the weddings in some way.

While Ed played an important role in bringing Courteney and Johnny together, Coco played a big part in the couple’s engagement. Johnny asked the adorable little girl for permission to marry her mom, and Coco was so excited that she wanted to have the wedding right away.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Courteney Cox said that Johnny McDaid even let Coco help him pop the question.

“They made a plan to count down from three, and when they got to one, he was gonna get down on his knee and say, ‘Will you marry me?’ and she was gonna say, ‘Will you marry him?’ They planned it out, they found the perfect tree, with three branches that led to one trunk — it was beautiful.”

What do you think of Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid’s decision to have two weddings? Is it a good idea, or is it a bad sign that they couldn’t compromise while planning their union?

[Image credit: David Buchan/Getty Images]