Former Blink 182 Member, Tom DeLonge, Is Releasing 15 Novels This Year

The rift between Tom Delonge and his Blink 182 bandmates made news at the beginning of 2015, but the former Blink 182 frontman is now ready to talk about it.

DeLonge first detailed his split from Blink 182 back in January with Rolling Stone. DeLonge shared that his Blink 182 bandmates wanted him to commit to doing a follow-up to their 2011 album, Neighborhoods, but he just couldn’t.

DeLonge told Rolling Stone that, “I can’t just slam the brakes and drop years of development, partnerships and commitments at the snap of a finger.”

And now the former Blink member is ready to share just what those commitments and partnerships are.

DeLonge took to Instagram to talk the Blink 182 break and his big plans.

“One of the reasons all this Blink stuff went haywire was because I am in 6 contracts with Best Selling Authors that are co-writing 15 Novels with me personally. Each one has an EP soundtrack that launches with it.”

So, DeLonge is co-writing not one, not even two, but 15 novels? And is also recording at the same time?

DeLonge went on to explain, “I told my manager the contract that was sent to me for the Blink deal contained weird new language that I had to drop all that music for almost a year. I said I couldn’t, but I could record the album in and around those things that were already in the works. He wrote them an email saying I’m out- (I didn’t know- and he was only talking about the deal) next thing you know, a press release saying things I didn’t say.”

So is DeLonge trying to say that his split from Blink 182 had nothing to do with his own actions?

While the split didn’t really seem very amicable, DeLonge took to Twitter to share that he didn’t have hard feelings towards one of his Blink bandmates, Mark Hoppus.

According to NME, though, the feelings are less than amicable between DeLonge and Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, when Barker accused that DeLonge “doesn’t like punk music.” DeLonge once again took to social media to refute that by saying his soon-to-be-released album will contain a true punk song, that the former Blink 182 band member hopes that “it makes you destroy stuff.”

While the former Blink 182 band member’s solo album, “To The Stars,” is set to be released on April 21, I guess we’ll just have to see if DeLonge releases all of those novels and albums this year.

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