March 22, 2015
Blur's New Song Inspiration Revealed As Band Unveils New Album On Stage

Blur's new song is out, and the band is ready to release their first album in 12 years. Blur has released "There Are Too Many Of Us" on the internet, according to ABC News Australia. The song is just one of twelve songs featured on their new album titled The Magic Whip.

Blur surprised their fans when they announced their reunion plans in February, according to a previous Inquisitr report. The news started with a countdown appearing on the band's Facebook page.

Some lucky fans did not have to wait until the new album is released next month. Blur played a special fan club-only performance in London on Friday night, according to Contact Music. The band played the entire album in order from beginning to end for 300 fans.

The band then finished the night with one more song. Damon Albarn revealed to the fans in the audience that the song had not been performed by the band in 20 years. "Trouble In The Message Centre" was a song off their 1994 album titled Parklife.

As for Blur's new song, Albarn revealed that it was inspired by an event that happened last year in Australia. The singer was in Australia during the Sydney Siege, and he used the event to write the lyrics for "There Are Too Many Of Us."

Albarn shared about the experience with NME.

"Probably the initial idea came from being in a very claustrophobic city, but I actually finished the lyric after having come back from Australia. I was there the day they had the hostage situation in the chocolate shop, which was an extraordinary thing to witness. I was staying in a hotel where I could literally see what was going on outside and watch it on television. I've never been in that position before, and as a songwriter that was a very interesting standpoint to have. To be seeing something on TV, and then out the window it's happening. Seeing the reality of what was happening and how it was being distorted through the prism of [the camera] was kind of fascinating."
"There Are Too Many Of Us" is the second single released from The Magic Whip. Blur released "Go Out" last month.

The tracklisting for the new album is as follows:

  1. "Lonesome Street"
  2. "New World Towers"
  3. "Go Out"
  4. "Ice Cream Man"
  5. "Thought I Was A Spaceman"
  6. "I Broadcast"
  7. "My Terracotta Heart"
  8. "There Are Too Many Of Us"
  9. "Ghost Ship"
  10. "Pyongyang"
  11. "Ong Ong"
  12. "Mirrorball"
Fans of Blur will be able to see the band on stage and headlining events this summer. The band will perform at London's Hyde Park on June 20 and Portugal's Super Rock Festival in July.

What do you think of the new song by Blur? Will you be buying The Magic Whip once it is released next month?

[Photo: Blur Official Facebook]