London Synagogue Attacked By Drunk Thugs Shouting ‘Kill The Jews’

With the reported rise in anti-Semitism is Europe, London is not exempt from open and violent Jew hate, as was proved on Saturday night at a North London Synagogue which was attacked by a group of drunks.

While the Jews of areas such as Golders Green and Edgware in London tend to have a more passive reputation, those in London’s Stamford Hill area are known to be tougher, as the area in which they live is rough and very “urban inner-city.”

The attack, which can be seen in the video, above, occurred following the Jewish Sabbath at the Ahavas Torah synagogue in Stamford Hill and as a result six people were arrested.

The video shows chairs being thrown at the synagogue as young Jewish men do their best to protect the holy sanctuary of prayer.

One man who was at the door stopping the group from entering the building was taken to hospital with facial injuries.

The police are treating the incident as anti-Semitic since remarks such as “kill the Jews” were clearly heard.

David Mocha, aged 15, who went to the synagogue this morning to clean up spoke to reporters.

“The Rabbi was telling me this was not an anti-Semitic attack but a fight outside that just got out of hand. But from what my friends have told me this was definitely an anti-Semitic attack. People were shouting “kill the Jews”. I’ve seen videos of them chanting that. You can’t say that’s not anti-Semitic. One of my friends had a window smashed in his face. People were bleeding. There was blood and broken chairs all over the place when I came to clear up, it was much worse than it is now. I don’t feel safe at all. My friends said they were terrified by what happened last night. I’m so scared sometimes I try to hide my Jewish identity.”


At the same time, another member of the synagogue, Yuri Simon, also told the press about the attack.

“This was obviously an anti-Semitic attack. My friends were inside the synagogue and I got a call from them saying what was happening. I was told there was an incident outside between a young man and a private party who were drunk. He went inside and they started attacking the synagogue, breaking the windows and forced their way inside. People were bleeding. The police arrested them. There were about 20 drunk people. There has been an increase in anti-Semitic incidents, people feel free to attack. There needs to be more security and tougher punishments.”

A police spokesman tried to calm tensions following the synagogue attack.

“The disturbance began when a group of drunk males, believed to have walked to the area from a house party nearby, tried to gain access to the synagogue in Craven Park Road. One man was injured as he sought to prevent the group from entering the building. He sustained facial injuries, not believed to be serious, and was taken to hospital for treatment. A small number of the group did briefly gain entry to the synagogue before being removed by security staff.”

It remains to be seen what action will be taken by the police and synagogue officials to ensure that attacks like this don’t happen in the future, as Europe finds itself, once again, in the grip of anti-Semitism.