Far Cry 3 cinematic trailer details story, reveals release date

Following a leak earlier on in the day, Ubisoft has gone ahead and released a new cinematic trailer for Far Cry 3, which was first announced for release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back at E3 last year.

The Far Cry 3/em> cinematic trailer gives us some insight into the events leading up to all of the chaos we saw from the big E3 reveal. Not only do we get to see how the game’s protagonist managed to get into all of that mess from the E3 demo, Ubisoft also reveals a September 4 release date for the game.

I was already excited enough for Far Cry 3 ever since its debut–though, I’m admittedly concerned that it won’t be quite as open world as Far Cry 2–but this trailer managed to ramp up my excitement considerably, if nothing else but for the game’s narrative.

You can check out the latest Far Cry 3 trailer for yourself below.