World’s Worst Name: Guilherme Carabagiale F**k Says It’s Pronounced ‘Foo-Kee’

As the old adage goes: “What’s in a name?” and while that’s easy enough for most of us, how do you think it feels to have the world’s worst name?

While there are a variety of weird and wonderful people’s names out there, one stands out above the rest, and is arguably the worst.

The name, which belongs to a Brazilian-born Canadian basketball star, is Guilherme Carabagiale F**k (asterisks because you have to use your imagination).

No, this is not an appropriate time to “LOL” or make any smart remarks, the poor student actually lives with this name on a daily basis, and just to try and make things more bearable, Guilherme insists, at the top of his lungs, “IT’S PRONOUNCED FOO-KEE!!”

Sadly, that just doesn’t help, as the name, which is apparently of German origin and means “fox,” is what it is when written in English: Mr. F**k.

Nonetheless, Mr. F**k claims that he isn’t ashamed of his name, despite the fact he uses his middle name, Carabagiale for his college Basketball career. Wonder why?!

As a student at the Medicine Hat College in Alberta, Carabagiale told reporters, “It doesn’t mean what people think it means. In German it means ‘fox.’ When they asked my opinion, I said I want to have my last-last name – I’m not ashamed of it. I would rather always use my last-last name. Back in Brazil that’s what I use, I don’t use my first-last name.”

The coach of the Rattlers basketball team, Craig Price, is very proud of Carabagiale. As he told reporters, “In a lot of ways, at the beginning we were just going to avoid any confusion or any potential issues, whereas now we’re at the point of, this is the guy’s name – he’s an all-Canadian. We shouldn’t be avoiding it, he’s proud of being a Rattler and we want to support him. He takes great pride in his heritage, in where he comes front, and technically in what his name is.”