Kevin Wallin: 'Breaking Bad' Priest Begs Judge To Take It Easy On Him, Backed By Former Archbishop

Kevin Wallin, a suspended priest who pleaded guilty in 2013 to taking part in a nationwide crystal methamphetamine-dealing conspiracy, and who prosecutors say peddled meth by the pound from a sex shop owned by none other than the priest himself, is now begging a judge for a light sentence — and he has 80 letters of support to back him up.

One of the letters is signed by the former Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Edward Egan, who passed away earlier this month, but not before expressing his support for the priest who was charged with selling the distributing the deadly drug made infamous by the TV series Breaking Bad throughout the Connecticut community where he lived and worked.

Wallin, now 63-years-old, was formerly the priest at St. Augustine Parish in Bridgeport, Connecticut, but was suspended in May of 2013 after church authorities say they learned that the pastor was engaging in gay sex in the church rectory. He also had a habit of dressing in women's clothes, according to reports at the time.

The out-of-control priest allegedly laundered his excess drug cash by investing in a local business. That business was the Land of Oz Dorothy's Place, an adult store in North Haven, Connecticut, that sold pornographic videos and a wide assortment of sex toys.

According to the allegations, Wallin sold meth from a parking lot outside of his sex emporium, as well as from his own apartment in Waterbury, Connecticut. He sold 23 grams of crystal meth at a total price of $3,400 to an undercover police officer, over six different transactions, according to the charges against him.

Priest Kevin Wallin was also a crystal meth addict, according to court documents.

Now the Monsignor and 80 of his closest friends say the proposed 10- to 11-year bid behind bars is just too much for Wallin who, prior to his rather steep fall from grace, was considered a pillar of the community, working tirelessly for various charitable organizations over the past three decades, and delivering sermons that were popular with his parishioners.

Earlier in his career, Wallin served as an aide to Bishop Edward Egan, who went on to succeed John Joseph O'Connor in the powerful post of Archbishop of New York before being elevated to become a cardinal by Pope John Paul II.

Egan died at age 82 on March 5. Before passing away, he made sure to pen a letter of support for his former aide, Kevin Wallin, who is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday, and is pleading with a judge to have that sentence trimmed to just four years plus 500 hours of community service.

[Image: NBC Connecticut]