Did Anjelica Hadsell’s Dad Plant Evidence?

Wesley Hadsell, the adoptive father of Anjelica Hadsell, has been arrested on six charges supposedly unrelated to the disappearance of the 18-year-old Norfolk teen. ABC News 13 reports that Wesley has been charged with multiple counts, including obstruction of justice and unlawful possession of ammunition. However, according to WAVY 10 News, he has also been charged with breaking and entering. Not only that, he admitted during an on-camera media interview that police directly accused him of knowing what happened to his missing daughter. However, that’s not the only shocking update in this case, as new details continue to develop.

Wesley is currently being held without bond while law enforcement officers search for Anjelica Hadsell quietly, remaining tight-lipped on whatever tip led them to search the area in which they are investigating. Authorities are being careful to not refer to Wesley as a person of interest or a suspect in AJ’s disappearance, but he said on camera that he was accused of knowing where she is. He also changed his story after a reported 15 hours of police interrogation, implicating himself in the disappearance of the 18-year-old co-ed.

On Sunday, a week ago, he said during a live interview that police found Anjelica’s jacket in the home of a possible person of interest. However, he reportedly admitted to police that he broke into this unidentified person’s home to search for evidence, and said that he found the jacket rolled up behind a couch cushion. With his story clearly changed, he claimed that he did not plant the jacket he says is evidence that someone abducted Anjelica.

“I found my daughter’s jacket in his couch rolled up behind the cushion,” said Hadsell.”I was just trying to make the evidence come to light. It’s not like I had the jacket, I didn’t plant the jacket, I didn’t know anything about that. It was the fact of the overwhelming information that led me there.”

Speculation is running rampant online using the #BringAJHome and #AnjelicaHadsell hashtags on both Twitter and Facebook, with many people accusing Wesley of harming his adoptive daughter. Many people are bringing up his criminal record, citing a 2005 case in which is ex-wife went missing for several days. He was reportedly arrested after allegedly kidnapping her and driving her across multiple states.

With all the speculation, rumors, and confusion in this case, there remains one important fact: Anjelica Hadsell is still missing, and the Norfolk Sheriff’s Department has been mostly silent about what’s going on in the investigation.

[Photo: Norfolk Sheriff Mugshot of Wesley Hadsell]