Ted Cruz For President: Pro-Life Candidate Expected To Announce On Monday

Expect the name Ted Cruz to populate the press even more than usual, with Cruz already going viral one week ago in Barrington, New Hampshire, when Cruz used the phrase “the world is on fire” to criticize Obamacare — as reported by the Inquistir — and his fiery speech seemed to alarm a three-year-old girl who asked him to repeat his statement.

According to CNN, the senator from Texas is expected to officially throw his hat into the presidential ring on Monday, in what is expected to be a crowded Republican run for president in 2016.

A mysterious important speech scheduled at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, home of one of the biggest Christian universities in America, has tongues wagging that it will be the site where Cruz declares that he’s seeking the Republican nomination for president, reports the Houston Chronicle.

The 44-year-old will be joined by his wife and children for the speech, according to the Dallas Morning News, which pegs it as an unusual move for Cruz. Reporters and campaign staff have also been urged to attend the Monday event, which, if it is a formal announcement of his presidential bid for 2016, means Cruz has gotten ahead of other GOP hopefuls, including more than one dozen Republicans who could make a run for the presidency.

Cruz’s claim to fame includes being the first Latino hailing from Texas to serve as a United States senator, along with a unique manner of dressing and impeccable speaking skills that have caught the eye of many who view the man as someone not afraid to go head-to-head with the Obama administration. With strong ties to the tea party and a fan among conservatives, Cruz still needs major support across the board from the larger Republican base, who may view him as a fringe element.

Jeb Bush and Scott Walker currently lead as Cruz’s top potential contenders for the presidency, along with Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, if they indeed run. As far as the conservative crowd is concerned, Senator Cruz’s views on gay rights and abortion issues have won him some fans in religious groups, as the Washington Post call the supporters pleased with the types of laws Cruz seeks to upend, if not comment upon.

Cruz at one point held citizenship in both Canada and the United States, the son of an American mother and Cuban father — until he gave up his Canadian citizenship last year.

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