Cops Fired For Racist Texts, Defend ‘Killing N***ers’ Email With ‘Hip Hop Culture’

Three cops have been fired in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after they were caught sending racist texts and a video. Another resigned over the incident. The firing is the result of a five-month internal investigation and a tip from one of the officer’s former fiancees.

The city fired three cops, Jason Holding, James Wells, and Christopher Sousa, for the texts. Officer Alex Alvarez resigned, but city officials report he would have also been fired had he stayed on.

According to CNN, the internal investigation did not find any criminal activity from the officers, but found they were engaging in “conduct prejudicial to the good of the order of the police department.”

One of the texts from Alvarez went to Holding.

“Holding we are coming and drinking all of your beer and killing n******.”

Another text said, “I had a wet dream that you two found those two n****** in the VW and gave them the death penalty right there on the spot.”

According to the Sentinel Sun, Holding sent a text saying, “I’d have that noose ready.”

When confronted with the accusations and text messages, officer Holding reportedly said, “I’m not singling out African Americans,” claiming he used those terms because they were found in hip hop culture.

Most disturbing of all was a video made by “Uncle Al,” Alvarez’ nickname. The video depicts cops using guns and dogs against African Americans and shows President Obama photo-edited with derogatory racial stereotypes.

The video and texts were sent to the Fort Lauderdale Police Chief in October of last year by Alvarez’s ex-fiancée. She claimed that she thought the texts were wrong, but didn’t turn in the cops because she feared Alvarez would hurt her.

According to the Daily Mail, Police Chief Adderley said, “based on the investigation, they felt, in their words, that it was a joke.”

“There was no criminal behavior detected during this investigation, however, the four officers’ conduct was inexcusable and there is zero tolerance for this kind of behavior in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.”

CNN reports the mayor was equally angry at the cops and the racist texts.

“I am very disappointed, disgusted and shocked by this incident. The inappropriate racist behavior exhibited by those involved is unacceptable and reprehensible, it violates the trust we place in our law enforcement officers, it damages the bond we have established in our community and undermines the standards in which each and every city employee is held accountable.”

This isn’t the first incident of cops sending out racist texts. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, two cops in Ohio text “I hate n******. That is all.” and “I’ll stab a coon.” They were only suspended for the incident.

The Department of Justice might be cleaning up Ferguson, but it might just be a tip of the iceberg.

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