'The X-Files' Revival: New Episodes May Film This Summer

Fans of The X-Files may soon have some celebrating to do, as the planned revival of the popular show appears to be nearing a green-light at Fox, with a new season to potentially begin filming as early as June.

In January, Fox revealed that initial discussions about reviving The X-Files had taken place, with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson expected to reprise their iconic roles. As Comic Book notes, series creator Chris Carter was also believed to be returning for any new episodes of The X-Files, though little more was known at the time.

According to a report by TV Wise, Fox has now settled on a shortened season of The X-Files, with less than 10 episodes expected to be ordered. Though the Daily Mail has reported that the new X-Files season will consist of just six episodes, talks with 20th Century Fox Television are ongoing, and no details have been confirmed.

Scheduling is thought to be one of the main reasons behind the short order for the revival, as Duchovny and Anderson are hard at work on other projects. The duo have both expressed their desire to return to The X-Files, however, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

In addition to the two lead actors, it is also rumored that other X-Files alumni will be returning for the revival, which is set to tie up remaining loose ends from the series and feature films. Mitch Pileggi has reportedly received an offer to reprise his role in the revival, while "other key cast members" will also appear.

TV Wise also reports that members of The X-Files writing staff will be asked to return for any new episodes. The involvement of Frank Spotnitz remains unclear, and while it is thought that Chris Carter wanted him back for the series, he recently committed to another project.
"It is hoped that the deal with the studio and other key players (including former members of the writing staff) will close soon and the X-Files revival will get that official green-light in the coming weeks. According to sources, Fox is aiming to make a 'big announcement' just ahead of their upfront presentation in New York City this coming May."
If revived, The X-Files will be the second Fox franchise to make its way back to TV screens in limited form, after the successful return of 24.

[Image via Flickering Myth]