First Day Of Spring Brings Snow To Some Areas

Even though the calendar indicates that the first day of spring is officially on Friday, March 20, at 6:45 p.m., this year weather conditions in some parts of the country said otherwise. At the same time spring was coming in, six inches of snow was expected in New York, according to the New York Post.

It is not as unusual as people think to see snow in the spring. It depends on where you live. The Weather Channel states that the average last day of snow in Boston is usually March 27. That means Boston could be getting more snow in the next seven days.

NBC reports that snow fell on the first day of spring in places from Washington, D.C. to the New England states causing at least 600 flights to be cancelled. Two people died in a snow-related accident in New Jersey on the first day of spring. Snow in western Maryland caused car accidents that sent several people to the hospital and caused a major highway to be closed. New York City experienced about three inches of snow on the first day of spring, and seven inches fell on Long Island. Connecticut had more than five inches. Union City, New Jersey, witnessed more than three inches. Even though it was the first day of spring, it didn’t keep the snow from falling.

The three months of spring are designated as March-April, April-May, and May-June; however, the beginning of spring is not always determined by what’s written on the calendar. While there is no evidence of spring in some parts of the country right now, spring will be in full force in a few days when people will enjoy longer days. More people will be seen outside walking, jogging, having picnics, gardening and seeing the rebirth of nature with grass getting greener, flowers blooming and birds chirping. When that happens, people will forget the snow that blanketed the ground on the first day of spring because there will be many more days of spring to enjoy.

People were greeted with snow on the first day of spring, but there will be plenty of time to take advantage of beautiful weather. They can take off those heavy winter coats and boots and put on bright spring clothes. Since days will longer, there will be plenty of time for dog owners to stay outside and play fetch with their dog.

Did you have snow where you live on the first day of spring?

[Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images]