Pit Bull Pack Attacks And Viciously Kills Man Despite Breed Restricted Law [Breaking]

This morning in Jefferson, Arkansas, a man was attacked and killed by a pack of seven vicious pit bulls. According to KATV, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office said the tragic event took place late this morning at C.J.’s Garage. Seven pit bull dogs escaped under a fence and raced straight for the man, attacking and mauling him to death. The name of the man has not yet been released.

Pine Bluff Animal Control attempted to neutralize the pit bull pack with tranquilizer guns, but to no avail. One pit bull escaped police officers, who are now searching for its whereabouts. Four pit bull dogs were shot, two were taken to the Pine Bluff Animal Control. KATV is standing by and will update with further information as it becomes available.

The violent mauling took place in unincorporated Jefferson County. Nearby city Pine Bluff has a breed restrictive law on the books, targeting only pit bull dogs. AKC or UKC registered pit bulls are exempt, but all other pit bull dogs within the Pine Bluff city limits are prohibited unless approved by the Department of Animal Control. The city ordinance details the registration and management of the pit bull breed as follows.

“Registration requirements:

1. The dog must have a valid license.
2. The owner must provide proof of insurance.
3. The owner or handler must be 21 years of age.
4. The owner must have documented proof of liability insurance
5. The owner must meet restraint and confinement regulations.
6. The owner must provide documented proof of sterilization

An owner who desires to keep a pit bull breed dog in the city shall bring the dog to the Pine Bluff Animal Control Shelter along with the documentation. Upon approval the dog will be assigned a registration number, that must be tattooed on the abdomen of the dog near the upper inside of the right leg by a license veterinarian.

Pit Bull dogs owned and maintained by a local, state, or federal agency and are used for law enforcement purposes, or is used as a service animal in accordance with the American Disabilities Act are exempt, unless the dog is found and declared a “vicious” dog, the animal then will be prohibited from remaining in the city.

A pit bull shall be subject to immediate seizure and impoundment and the owner may be fined up to $500.00 for failure to comply with any provisions of the pit bull ordinance.

For additional information contact the office of Animal Control.”

Some people believe the pit bull breed should be banned altogether. Others love their pit bull pets. On which side do you stand?

[Image via KTAV]