Teenage Mother Dies 48 Hours After Giving Birth To Twins, Never Got To Hold Them, Crowdfunding Immediately Raises Thousands

Nineteen-year-old Sophie Burgess died just 48 hours after giving birth to her twins, and before she even had the opportunity to hold them in her arms.

Burgess gave birth to Evie and Oliver eight weeks prematurely, and after she’d done just that, she had to be immediately transferred to another department because of complications.

There it was found that she had septicaemia, and just 48 hours later she was pronounced dead, as her condition continued to deteriorate.

Sophie’s 23-year-old brother, Craig, later revealed that Sophie was never able to hold or meet her children because she was rushed for treatment immediately after they were born. Both children are doing well though.

“It is so sad that my sister never got to hold her children but Alex has not left their side since,” Craig explained to The Mirror. “They are out of the incubators now and both seem to be doing well. The are amazing and Sophie would have been so proud of them. The main message is that I just don’t want my sister to be forgotten.”

Since the sad news of her untimely passing was released, Sophie’s family and friends have looked to pay tribute to her by creating a fundraising page in her honor.

Ria Morris created the page over at Go Fund Me, which she hopes will lead to contributions that will aid the babies in the future.

On the page it declares, “Sophie was so excited to become a mother. We hope to raise money in Sophie’s memory so that their dad Alex can use this towards items they may need or to put in a trust fund for the twins as we all know how expensive looking after children can be.”

The page also reveals that Sophie had previously been told that she might struggle to have children. The twins were born on Wednesday evening at around 11 p.m., while Sophie ultimately died on Friday morning. Over the last two days, 190 people have helped to donate £2,710 ($4,005) for the cause.

[Image via The Irish Mirror]